Player Watch #31 Tom Hickey - welcome to Sydney

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The King!

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Aug 3, 2004
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What may be lost on many of us, myself included, is that Hickey is only 9 montgs older than Naismith, meaning that by the time Naismith is ready to play again if at all, he will be older than Hickey will be come round one 2021.
Stef Martin has been hailed as a brilliant get for Dogs & he will be 34 in a few days.

There is no reason why we couldn't get a good 4 years out of Hickey. He seems a good clubman & no doubt gives effort. A 3 year deal is absolutely well worth it.
We have three bog ordinary ruckman near 30 now

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Jul 6, 2014
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We're not winning the premiership next year, Hickey is a stop gap, not the solution
Be interesting if there is a ruckman available in a few years or if we plan to draft one at some stage to develop and trade to the Tigers to win 3 flags/have chronic knee injuries that we want instead


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Jun 15, 2018
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rd1 this year with a fit naismith gave me hope that the team looked pretty good with a competitive ruck and it was before adelaide imploded

rd2 doesnt count cus apparently naismith was playing with an acl or whatever

i have decent hopes that hickey will make us better than having aliir as a defender


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Aug 16, 2006
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i have decent hopes that hickey will make us better than having aliir as a defender
I think that's a reasonable assumption. We needed a good ruck much more than we needed a good defender. Defence is the one area where we have almost an embarrassment of riches. McCartin has settled into the key defensive role like he was born to it, Ling and Gould coming through gives us plenty to go on with and McCartin also lets Rampe off the leash to use his run and attacking flair.

I don't doubt that Aliir will be very good for Port, if he can wake up the half hour earlier ;).

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