Player Watch # 4: Kyle Langford

Kyle is a...

  • pure mid

  • pure forward

  • mid/forward

  • forward/mid

  • AFL footballer! (and I don't care where he plays)

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Shane Heard

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Mar 11, 2018
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If that is a friend or family member it's probably worth keeping in mind what impact some of the posting here might have on that person.

If anyone ever wonders why mental health is taking such a toll on AFL players these days you only need to look as far as some of the comments here to see why. You wouldn't say that sort of s**t to someone's face, why say it here?
Because my friend ...this is bigfooty.

Home of the deranged footy fanatic.

Any league player with an ounce of common sense would never even consider visiting this joint and looking up their own player profile thread on club forums.

It’s a public forum. Not for the faint hearted.


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May 18, 2009
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Give kyle a ******* cha ce would you.
We gifted Stanton a fu**ton of games, and this guy has it if he can piece it
Gifted? Stanton came third in our best and fairest in his second year and then continued to be in the top 5 for the majority of his career. Most underrated player in Essendon's history. Chalk and cheese with concrete boots.


Brownlow Medallist
May 5, 2009
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Don't agree that he doesnt have the footy brain. Dont agree at all.

He sees too much given his physical immaturity and lack of mental intensity.

Think about it, slow to make a decision is not slow making the single obvious decision. If he only saw 1 option he'd be "hacking the ball to nowhere" and would be Guelfi.

Clearly has no confidence and has played far too many games all things considered (but "structcha" or some equally boring s**t).
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May 6, 2007
South East Suburbs
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Feel sorry for this bloke. He was far from disgraced, in fact, he was one of our better players (gulp) tonight.

Obviously he isn't ever going to be a top 3 - 5 player on our list but he can play his role when given a defined role.

The fact he is getting his hands on the pill is a good sign, would prefer the hack kicks were removed and a more refined decision to dispose of the ball was used.

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Super Moderator
Aug 1, 2011
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When he plays in his correct position he’s a Jack Gunston type
He has never, ever shown the inclination to be even half the player Gunston is even when played there.

I want Langford to succeed like I want all of our players to succeed. However there seems to be an awful lot of excuse making going on here, to an extent other players don’t seem to enjoy. I just think something is not there with Kyle and won’t ever be regardless of where he’s played.


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Jul 5, 2014
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I was critical of him early, some of his kicking and efforts were really poor. Worked his way into the game ok by the end though. Was not our worst last night.
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