Autopsy AFL 2024 Round 11 - Cats v GWS Sat May 25th 4:35pm AEST (GMHBA)

Who will win and by how much?

  • Cats by a goal or less

    Votes: 5 15.2%
  • GWS by a goal or less

    Votes: 5 15.2%
  • Cats by 7 - 20

    Votes: 6 18.2%
  • GWS by 7 - 20

    Votes: 6 18.2%
  • Cats by a lot

    Votes: 5 15.2%
  • GWS by a lot

    Votes: 3 9.1%
  • Draw

    Votes: 3 9.1%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .

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B: Z. Guthrie, J. Henry, J. Kolodjashnij
HB: T. Stewart - C, M. Holmes, O. Mullin
C: O. Dempsey, T. Bruhn, Z. Tuohy
HF: T. Stengle, B. Close, G. Miers
F: S. Neale, T. Hawkins, O. Henry
FOLL: T. Conway, M. Blicavs, M. Duncan

I/C: S. De Koning, J. Bowes, T. Atkins, J. Cameron, J. Clark
EMG: C. O’Sullivan, S. Mannagh, M. O’Connor

IN: T. Hawkins, M. Duncan, S. De Koning, J. Cameron
OUT: B. Parfitt (Omitted), G. Rohan (Injured), C. Guthrie (Injured), M. O’Connor (Omitted)

B: C. Idun, S. Taylor, H. Himmelberg
HB: L. Whitfield, L. Aleer, H. Perryman
C: N. Haynes, T. Green, F. Callaghan
HF: B. Daniels, A. Cadman, T. Bedford
F: T. Greene - C, J. Hogan, H. Thomas
FOLL: K. Briggs, C. Ward, S. Coniglio

I/C: T. McMullin, X. O’Halloran, R. Angwin, J. Riccardi, J. Peatling
EMG: C. Stone, J. Wehr, L. Keeffe

IN: L. Aleer, T. McMullin, R. Angwin, J. Peatling
OUT: J. Buckley (Injured), J. Wehr (Omitted), C. Stone (Omitted), D. Jones (Injured)

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After unveiling their 2024 Indigenous jumper against the Bulldogs in round 10, the GIANTS will wear their traditional away strip in round 11 due to a clash with the Cats’ design.

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Cats are done. There is no depth on the list, Giants by 45 points.
The question is, if GWS lose, will they win another game for the season?! If you were a Giants supporter you would certainly say not.

Feels like a 50/50 game to me. After losing close ones to Melbourne and Port (the Gold Coast loss was expected albeit not the margin), we can't afford to lose another of those.

The loser of this one is in a massive rut.
The manner in which Geelong just gave in last week was concerning. Even if they perform much better, players like Duncan, Hawkins, Guthrie, Blicavs are not the same players anymore and then the likes of Stewart, Kolodjashnij & Henry are severely out of form and dropping right away.

GWS have similar issues but it's not age related. It's a confidence issue and they love playing us. The perfect mental challenge to re-spark their season.

Giants to get it done by 2 goals and effectively seal Geelong's top four aspirations (hope I'm wrong).
If only Geelong had a midfield with some mongrel but they dont so it will be a fancy pants shoot out played out somewhere in a odd shaped arena in regional Victoria - home ground advantage should be enough and confirmation of the end of King's honeymoon period.

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Favour GWS, have the better midfield and minus Dangerfield that midfield is a massive issue for the Cats, we saw it last week. If Holmes plays as a pure mid and not playing Bruhn the whole match Cats have some chance. Not sure why Geelong are favourites.