Beatles- Now and Then released

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Oct 19, 2020
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Released 45 mins ago. You can hear it in this link. Filmclip comes about this time tomorow.

I like it, they've done a good job with what they had and Paul's added middle eight sounds fitting for the song.
Great to hear John's voice so clearly.
I give it 4.5/5 stars.
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I mean yeh, y'know, it sort of completes the 95' era stuff now, which is good. The song itself, very cool, i dig it! I wonder if they could just plonk it all onto an E.P. or something. Not sure. If they record 5 more songs like that, they'd almost have an album.

I think from the demo to studio version, they've done a really well rounded effort to make it sound fresh. in my humble opinion.

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I've listened to it a few times and I think it's wonderful.

The fact that a "new" Beatles song can command such attention in 2023 really is a testament to their greatness.

As an aside, it was fascinating to see the mix of people at the McCartney concert in Sydney. There were a LOT of people in the younger age brackets. Based on that, I think the Beatles' popularity isn't dwindling any time soon.
Even before the music video was released, have been listening to this constantly. Feels like something that would've been on 'The White Album'.

Music video impacted me emotionally, especially realising that even the footage from the Anthology sessions (which I remember watching back in the day on Ch 7) are now over a quarter of a century ago.

A great farewell.
They tried to release it in the 90's but they didn't have the technology to isolate Lennon's vocals to sound good enough.

McCartney has said that Harrison didn't like the song at all.

I wonder if now for legal reasons, artists will need to give permission for demos and unfinished tracks to have further work done on them once they pass on.
Official music video almost at 10m views well within 24 hours.

In fact, the music video and the audio only version are the top two trending videos on YT. Pretty remarkable all these decades later there's still such massive interest.
I like what they have done, and John's voice sounds better and fuller than Free as a Bird and Real Love. Would be good to see those two remastered using similar technology to improve John's voice.

This probably opens the door for Giles Martin to do proper stereo remasters of the early mono releases, which would be fascinating to see if they can be enhanced.

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Forgettable, bland, kinda like your first song you write when you have an idea, and nothing to elevate it, so you just repeat things.
Its what I expected.
In my opinion, it should never have seen the light of day.
There is a reason it just sat on a cassette and was never used by JL.
A comment was made on the Guardian BTL that it has "no hook".
Someone replied: "plenty of sinker though".
Lyrically it's very late Lennon, it would have sounded at home on Double Fantasy.
Song written by Lennon three years before his death sounds very late Lennon. Stop the presses.

I'm not a Beatles fanatic, but hadn't listened to this because the whole thing seemed... uncouth. But I gave in and listened.

It's fine. That's probably the best way to describe it. Fine. Like someone trying to write a Beatles-like ballad and not really getting there so deciding to put in way too many strings to give it some depth. Which really doesn't justify its existence.

Hopefully Paul is satisfied and this sort of thing never happens again.

(Bloody hell just watched the video clip. Who thought that was a good idea??)

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