Triple J Hottest 100 2023 - Now with added 200-101

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That has to be the worst number in recent memory, if not all time.
Hard to say. I dunno that it was like a Thrift Shop situation where the songs it beat were significantly better (Little Talks, Breezeblocks).
play me bad guy, thrift shop, Pretty Fly, Are You gonna Be My Girl, Wish You Well and all the rest over this tripe on repeat

this is easily the worst winner ever and an indictment of the TikTok influence taking over now and triple j trying to remain relevant by allowing them in their voting lists

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JJJ's hottest 100 has been dead for decade, hopefully this year's version will bury it forever.
It still gets plenty of voters (2.5 million this year) so it's not going anywhere anytime soon. Most of the music has passed me by (still listen out of habit) but clearly there's plenty of youth still engaging.
I guess there's no point trying to say it's not a mainstream station now. It's the US top 40 countdown mixed with the minimum amount of mandatory Australian artists. Except instead of counting votes they just randomly spread g flips music in the mix. Maybe the AFL are paying ABC to put her in. Just to build her profile ahead of her GF performances at the AFL and AFLW half time shows for the next 10 yrs in a row
The #1 song is a great song, just doesnt feel like a JJJ song at all though

even 5 years ago this song is laughed at and dismissed by the fan base and the station itself, but the past few years they’ve made it clear they’re going for the TikTok crowd and therefore garbage like this that belongs on Nova/Kiss/2Day FM is going to be part and parcel of their playlist moving forward.

just another pop station, except us tax payers are funding their shitty playlists not advertising dollars like the big ones mentioned above
Pretty forgettable top 10 although 3,4,5 were enjoyable on the day probably due some what to the rest being so average. Good to see some big returns from Lana del ray & Scrillex, it’s been a while. How does BoyGenius only manage #30?! Really was a mixed bag today some great & some real shockers

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easily the worst winning song ever, makes Thrift Shop, bad guy, Pretty Fly etc all sound like timeless classics

keen to see the good stuff in the 101-200 today
Say nothing, elephant LAV, confidence... I'd say heat waves is the only recent number one better than doja.
Say nothing, elephant LAV, confidence... I'd say heat waves is the only recent number one better than doja.
I feel like Confidence is a victim of what Ocean Alley have become.

At the time though, with none of the "man they just make the same song all the time" discourse, it was absolutely a great winning song.
Anyway, if the bottom 50 was any indication, the 200-101 today should be a good time.
Hoping more of my votes pop in - expecting maybe 3 or 4 Royel Otis, please dear god let Paramore not get the Wolf Alice treatment, King Gizz...
This is going to sound like an old man whinge...but I am an old man, so forgive my whinge:

Triple J as a publicly funded broadcaster needs to be a little bit careful about what it is becoming. The top twenty yesterday sounds and reads like a Nova playlist, and I'm not convinced we need to spend public money propping up the artistic outputs of Post Malone, Jack Harlow, Doja Cat, Sza, Tate McCrae, Fred Again etc

And on that note...I'll be cheering for Middle Kids to jag the coveted no 101 position today. That a local band can release a song like Highlands and not even crack the 100 is a travesty.

Insert Old Man yells at Clouds joke here :)
For those of you listening today...enjoy

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