triple J Hottest 100 of 2022

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BOTA jesus

Will be listened to as much as Dance Monkey in years to come…..

I was just thinking that.

I get excited for the Double J countdown tomorrow, I wonder if they're even still doing it in 20 years with such forgettable countdowns.

Back in my day this wasn't a radio song, it was a 4am-after-your-3rd-eccy song.
Clearly not the popular opinion in here, but I hadn't heard most of the top 10 beforehand, and BOTA sounds like the best song of an impressively average bunch for mine from my brief skim of them all.
I didn't vote for either, but BPM and GOY were the only palatable winners left, and now they're both gone.
BPM are massively uninspiring.
Flume, I really don't get why everyone loses it over them.
Spacey Jane is good without ever being great.
I rated the top 25 very low.

I thought the top 25 degenerated massively. Only one song: Gorillaz was any good, of which I rated it #1

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