Live Chat Draft Day! - Live Chat Thread 2019

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Jul 16, 2009
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1 :goldcoast: Gold Coast - Matt Rowell

2 :goldcoast: Gold Coast - Noah Anderson

3 :melbourne: Melbourne - Luke Jackson

4 :gws: GWS - Lachie Ash

5 :sydney: Sydney - Dylan Stephens

6 :adelaide: Adelaide - Fischer McAsey

7 :freo: Fremantle - Hayden Young
8 :freo: Fremantle - Caleb Serong

9 :freo: Fremantle - Liam Henry [Academy]

10 :gws: GWS - Tom Green [Academy]

11 :goldcoast: Gold Coast - Sam Flanders

12 :melbourne: Melbourne - Kysaiah Pickett

13 :hawthorn: Hawthorn - Will Day

14 :port: Port Adelaide - Miles Bergman

15 :bulldogs: Western Bulldogs - Cody Weightman

16 :geelong: Geelong - Cooper Stephens

17 :carlton: Carlton - Brodie Kemp

18 :port: Port Adelaide - Mitch Georgiades

19 :geelong: Geelong - Sam De Koning

20 :carlton: Carlton - Sam Philp

21 :richmond: Richmond - Thomson Dow
22 :brisbane: Brisbane Lions - Deven Robertson

23 :port: Port Adelaide - Dylan Williams

24 :adelaide: Adelaide - Harry Schoenberg

25 :port: Port Adelaide - Jackson Mead FS

26 :sydney: Sydney - William Gould

27 :goldcoast: Gold Coast - Jeremy Sharp

28 :adelaide: Adelaide - Joshua Worrell

29 :hawthorn: Hawthorn - Finn Maginness FS

30 :essendon: Essendon - Harrison Jones

31 :north: North Melbourne - Charlie Comben

32 :melbourne: Melbourne - Trent Rivers

33 :brisbane: Brisbane Lions - Brock Smith
34 :north: North Melbourne - Jack Mahony

35 :north: North Melbourne - Flynn Perez

36 :sydney: Sydney - Elijah Taylor

37 :brisbane: Brisbane Lions - Keidean Coleman

38 :essendon: Essendon - Nick Bryan

39 :sydney: Sydney - Chad Warner

40 :collingwood: Collingwood - Jay Rantall

41 :geelong: Geelong - Francis Evans

42 :adelaide: Adelaide - Ronin O'Connor

43 :richmond: Richmond - Noah Cumberland

44 :richmond: Richmond - William Martyn

45 :collingwood: Collingwood - Trent Bianco

46 :richmond: Richmond - Hugo Ralphsmith

47 :carlton: Carlton - Sam Ramsay

48 :adelaide: Adelaide - Lachlan Gollant

49 :westcoast: West Coast - Callum Jamieson
50 :geelong: Geelong - Cameron Taheny

51 :gws: GWS - Jake Riccardi

52 :stkilda: St Kilda - Ryan Byrnes

53 :bulldogs: Western Bulldogs - Louis Butler

54 :richmond: Richmond - Bigoa Nyuon

55 :collingwood: Collingwood - Trey Ruscoe

56 :essendon: Essendon - Ned Cahill

57 :hawthorn: Hawthorn - Josh Morris

58 :westcoast: West Coast - Ben Johnson

59 :brisbane: Brisbane Lions - Jason Prior

60 :goldcoast: Gold Coast - Jy Farrar

61 :freo: Fremantle - Minairo Frederick

62 :bulldogs: Western Bulldogs - Riley Garcia

63 :essendon: Essendon - Lachlan Johnson

64 :stkilda: St Kilda - Leo Connolly

65 :gws: GWS - Thomas Hutchesson

Pick Trades here:
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Jul 25, 2019
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Carlton had a very tidy piece of business this morning picking up Martin, Honey and Phillips. Certainly put a bit more zip into our line up.


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Oct 16, 2015
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In next years draft if a club bids on one our NGA kids then I expect Essendon to have the same amount time to match the bid.

The precident has been set can't go back to 5 minute time limit AFL will have to increase the timer to 10 now
Remove the option to trade for the points after a bid is made and tbis problem with transparency/integrity is solved


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Dec 14, 2015
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I mentioned this on the Lions board. If the bombers had any other recruiter it's likely they'd have drafted Robertson. Dodoro low balled Port almost certainly
Before Day 2 of the draft we had 33, 35, 57, 59 in 2019 and our first rounder in 2020 was locked unless we acquired a third round pick. Our best available 2020 pick was our second rounder (which will be about pick 30 if we finish the same as this year).

Some combination of pick 30 next year and one of our fourth round picks would be mathematically about right. I don't think we could have gone 30+35, that would be massive overs unless something is coming back. Even with 35 drifting out to 40ish it's still massive overs.

Whether anyone would want a 2020 pick in a compromised draft is another story though.

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Oct 9, 2010
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I don't get it. How are you allowed to trade 11 for 27? That's 1,329 points for 703. It's not like when they traded for our first pick that ended up being 18.
The TK trade gets even better for us.

Thanks for paying up, which gave us the collateral to be there to have this happen.

GO Catters


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Mar 24, 2013
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Tom Browne on Channel 7 said that Eagles thought they moved up to pick Trent Bianco but AFL Stopped it saying the Trade Up was Illegal
Now that live pick trading is a thing, it makes sense that the AFL is also looking to introduce live Trading Bans for non-Victorian clubs. What a time to be alive.


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Feb 24, 2013
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Now that live pick trading is a thing, it makes sense that the AFL is also looking to introduce live Trading Bans for non-Victorian clubs. What a time to be alive.
Yes, I'm sure that's it......Did you happen to cop a squiz at the compensation package handed to the Gold Coast per chance?

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Apr 1, 2009
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Give the kid a break , he’s gone now ..

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Huh? I’m not trying to be cruel, merely giving my assessment of his footballing prowess. Is that not an acceptable thing to do on a footballing forum?

He’s your Ryan Murphy type, probably too good for the level below but won’t cut it at AFL level.

Happy to be proven wrong if he gets another chance. He seemed a good kid.
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