The Law Finance experts recruited for advice in $17 million tax scam allegedly led by George Alex

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Holden Hillbilly

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Oct 8, 2004
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A criminal syndicate recruited banking and finance experts to help it scam more than $17 million from the Australian Tax Office, federal police will allege.

Construction identity George Alex, 49, is accused of leading the syndicate and allegedly recruited finance industry specialists to set up the sophisticated money-laundering operation.

Commander Kirsty Schofield from the Australian Federal Police (AFP) said it was a complex, multinational operation.

"This syndicate specifically included a mix of financial industry experts to provide the level of expertise required to commit the fraud and keep it ongoing," she said.

"We will allege that these people were part of the syndicate and they have been charged."

AFP officers arrested 12 people yesterday during coordinated raids on 10 properties across Sydney, the Gold Coast and the ACT.

Mr Alex has been charged with conspiring with the intention of dishonestly causing a loss to the Commonwealth and conspiring to deal with the proceeds of crime.

Nine other men are facing similar charges.

Two women, aged 50 and 30, have been charged with recklessly dealing with the proceeds of crime and face a maximum of 12 years in prison if found guilty.


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