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Feb 24, 2013
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Round 8 (all times AEST)

Thurs July 23
GC vs WB, 7:40pm

Friday July 24
GWS vs Rich, 7:50pm

Saturday July 25
NM vs Carl, 1:05pm
Syd vs Haw, 3:35pm
PA vs StK, 7:40pm

Sunday July 26
Adel vs Ess, 12:35pm
WCE vs Coll, 3:35pm
Melb vs Bris, 6:10pm

Monday July 27
Freo vs Geel, 8:10pm

I gotta say, this is the sorta scheduling I've been calling for all year. No clashes anywhere. We can watch every minute of all nine games. Tick!!

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Sydney Kicker

Premiership Player
Jan 18, 2015
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Interesting they haven't scheduled the Essendon v Melbourne game yet. I would have thought they would want to get it played asap in case there are further disruptions ahead. If another player from one of those 2 teams were positive, (or a player in a team scheduled to play one of these two sides) and they had to postpone more games you could end up with an end of season fixture pile up like you get occasionally in English soccer. Imagine battling for the eight and having to play your last 5 regular season games in 15 days when everyone else had just three games in that time!


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Mar 25, 2019
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Downside for me in the UK of Monday games is i only get 1 game out
of 3 on both Saturday and Sunday :'(
We get 5 games from the round but they always have the single ones
like Thu Fri etc.
The old format is better for me. Friday game + 2 on Sat and Sun.

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Jul 8, 2014
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RIP SuperCoach

THIRTY-THREE matches will be played across 19 consecutive days as part of the AFL's plans to fast-track the completion of the home and away season.

The matches will effectively be rounds nine to 12 of the 2020 season. The jammed sequence will start on Wednesday, July 29, two days after the completion of round eight.

ROUNDS 7-8 Check out the full fixture

It is understood six clubs will be given byes in that period, with another 10 clubs to be given a bye before the conclusion of the home and away season at round 17.

Two clubs – Essendon and Melbourne – will be considered to have already had their "byes", given the postponement of their round three match, due to Bomber Conor McKenna recording a positive test to the coronavirus. That match is yet to be re-fixtured.

Hava Alle

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Jul 10, 2016
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Melb and bombers already had there bye.
They have to call it off now. The SC season is unfair now. Don't see a way they could make it fair when some were shafted more than others from the canned Ess v Melb game mid round. Im starting to lose interest now..............

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