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Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 2, 2008
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RIP Daley Mathison.

Isle of Man TT 2019: Deadly English Superbike race tragically claims 258th victim.
English road racer Daley Mathison has died at the age of 27 after a 130mph crash at the Isle of Man TT.

The horror incident came at a tight left-hand bend on lap three at Snugborough on the approach to Union Mills during the RST Superbike race.


Norm Smith Medallist
Jan 9, 2004
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Gonna sound really cold but I'm glad this style of racing still continues despite the accidents.

RIP young man.
It breaks my heart to hear this type of news but I agree with you 100%. Competitors go into events like this and the Dakar with their eyes open - they know the dangers - yet they still find the risk is worth it. In an increasingly sanitised world, it's thrilling to see these people really laying it all on the line.

Rest easy, Daley.
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