Opposition Camp Go Hawthorn and/or Brisbane (for one week only)

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is handy
Feb 27, 2006
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Would be great if Crows sneak into finals with a big win tomorrow... then go on a finals tear.... (Carltons pick)

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Jan 20, 2013
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With your in's, I'd back you in as favourites.

Cat's won't be able to downhill ski against your lot at the G'.
The only down side is I live is Brissy and have two ladies who are members. They are real supporters having attended every game through the long lean years. I was putting the hard word on then to get me a ticket if we were playing up here.

One of then put money on Brisbane to make the eight and the four at the end of last year. She has really cleaned up.

Boris the Contradiction

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Mar 11, 2008
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How much would the Lions need to lose by tomorrow to drop 2nd spot? 1st or 2nd would make no difference to them. Looks like you got the Cats at the G.
Doesn't matter. Would only impact who plays at home out of Richmond and Brisbane.

Only way we don't play Geelong is if the Tigers and Lions draw.

Imagine finishing fourth and getting a home Qualifying Final. Cats fans would be cursing!


You Beauty
Jan 3, 2017
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I thank them for nothing. I wish them nothing but stones in their shoes, milk that turns bad a day before the expiry and pencils whose grey leads snap at more slight pressure than usual. But I'll take that result.
God I hate them, but the result was definitely enough to gain a little of my respect. You beauties!

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