GoSaints12 Phantom Draft Game 2021 (Picks Thread)

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Sep 10, 2018
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St Kilda
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Chelsea till I die
Just for picks please don’t chat or trade

Draft order

1. North Melbourne - Jason Horne-Francis
2. GWS Giants - Finn Callaghan
3. Gold Coast Suns, (bid matched, Coll) - Nick Daicos
4. Gold Coast Suns, (bid matched, WB) - Sam Darcy
5 - Gold Coast Suns - Josh Gibcus
6. Adelaide - Ben Hobbs, (time elapsed)
7. Hawthorn - Josh Ward
8. Fremantle - Jacob Van Rooyen
9. Richmond - Jye Amiss
10 Fremantle - Neil Erasmus
11. Sydney - Mac Andrews
12. West Coast Eagles - Matthew Johnson
13. Essendon - Josh Goater
14. Port Adelaide - Tyler Sonsie
15. GWS Giants - Josh Rachele
16. Brisbane Lions - Josh Sinn
17. Richmond - Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera
18. St Kilda - Campbell Chesser
19. Melbourne - Mitchito Owens
20. Richmond - Mitch Knevitt

21. Fremantle - Arlo Draper
22. North Melbourne - Rhett Bazzo
23. Hawthorn - Ned Long
24. Geelong Cats - Darcy Wilmer
25. Western Bulldogs - Toby Conway
26. Hawthorn - Connor MacDonald
27. Carlton - Sam Butler
28. Richmond - Zac Taylor
29. Brisbane Lions - Tom Brown
30. Brisbane Lions, (bid matched, GWS) - Josh Fahey
31. Brisbane Lions - Blake Howes
32. West Coast Eagles - Angus Sheldrick
33. Geelong Cats - Matthew Roberts
34. Geelong Cats - Jesse Motlop
35. Adelaide - Judson Clark
36. Geelong Cats - Leek Alleer
37. West Coast Eagles - Brady Hough
38. Melbourne - Cooper Murley

Essendon, (Stk matched) - Marcus
40 Essendon - Paul Curtis
41. Richmond - Lachie Paton
42. North Melbourne - Jamal Strech
43 North Melbourne - Sam Banks
44. Brisbane Lions - Jack Williams
45. Melbourne - Lachie Rankin
46. Geelong Cats - Alastair Lord
47. Collingwood, (bid matched, Freo) - Eric Benning
48. Collingwood, (bid matched, Port) - Jase Burgoyne
49. Collingwood, (bid matched, Melb) - Taj Woewodin
50. Collingwood - Kai Lohman
51. Collingwood - Corey Warner
52. Collingwood - Lewis Rayson
53. St Kilda - Hugh Jackson

54. Hawthorn - Morgan Ferres
55. St Kilda - Blayne O’Loughlin
56. Western Bulldogs - Charlie Dean
57. St Kilda - Jamieson Ballantyne
58. Carlton - Josh Cripps
59. Fremantle - Luke Polsen
60. Melbourne - Anthony Caminiti
61. Hawthorn - Josh Browne
62. North Melbourne - Bryce Watson
63 North Melbourne - Ronald Fejo Jnr
64. St Kilda - Pass
64. Port Adelaide - Pass
64. West Coast Eagles - Kade Dittmar
65. Fremantle - Pass
65. Essendon - Luke Nankervis
66 Adelaide - James Willis
67. Brisbane Lions - Pass

67. North Melbourne - Pass
67. Collingwood - Corey Preston
68. Richmond - Miles Bergman
69. Adelaide - Harvey Harrison
70 Hawthorn - Jake Soligo
71 Carlton - Finn Gorringe
72. Collingwood - Lukas Cook
73. West Coast Eagles - Pass
73. Essendon - Charlie Molan
74. Sydney Swans - Marco Rossman
75 GWS Giants - Pass
75. Carlton - Jai Serong
76. Western Bulldogs - Pass
76. Melbourne - Pass

76 Collingwood - Youseph Dip
77. Gold Coast Suns - Braden Andrews
78. Adelaide - Pass, (time out)
78. Hawthorn - Shay Linke
79 Carlton - Jack Avery
80. Collingwood - James Tunstill
81. Essendon - Tex Wanganeen
82 Sydney Swans - Pass
82. Carlton - Pass


Adelaide - Mego Red
Brisbane - blueiris
Carlton - WilloTree
Collingwood - Pie 4 Life
Essendon - eth-dog
Fremantle - Joose
Geelong - fightingfury_88
Gold Coast - Big_Newon
Hawthorn - Davo-27
Melbourne - PMBangers
North Melbourne - Kangaroos4eva
Port Adelaide - big boy jackavoy
Richmond - Smythe
St Kilda - Gosaints12
Sydney - Madswan88
WCE - SumaGodCoach
Western Bulldogs - weltschmerz

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Team Captain
Jun 24, 2019
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Giants match the bid for Fahey with 53 and 71. We go into 2022 with a 170 deficit for the second round.


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Oct 28, 2010
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Pick 33 - Geelong Cats - Matt Roberts (South Adelaide)
Not a super exciting pick and doesn't exactly fit a list need but this late in the draft I couldn't pass on someone who is more proven than anyone else remaining. Roberts isn't the most damaging kick and doesn't possess some of the athletic traits other players might have, but he works hard and is a proven two way ball-winning midfielder who can push forward to snag a goal or two. When not injured, Roberts spent the majority of his season at SANFL senior level where he adapted his game from midfielder to forward and contributed to a winning team that made it all the way to the Preliminary Final. While he didn't quite set the world on fire at senior level, Matt did prove himself ready-made for the competition of senior bodies and certainly wasn't afraid to get involved in the contest. I was particularly impressed with his two finals performances where in high stakes games he managed to use his running power and positional craft to kick a total of 3 goals over those matches. With senior experience all ready under his belt, I'd expect Roberts to play at least a handful of games for Geelong in 2022, likely as a forward with stints through the midfield before progressing into a full-time midfield in the coming years as the Cat's more senior midfielders start transitioning towards retirement.

Pick 34 - Geelong Cats - Jesse Motlop (South Fremantle)
Another player with senior football experience, this time I have the Cats selecting small forward Jesse Motlop. Motlop was a member of South Fremantle's senior Grand Final losing side, playing in and kicking a goal in every finals game for his club. Your typical small forward, Motlop combines forward pressure with his speed and skill around the goals to provide a constant threat in the forward 50 and I'd pretty much expect the same at AFL level. With his skills, there is also some scope for Motlop to develop into more of a midfielder down the track however I wouldn't be expecting this anytime soon. Would be competing with the likes of Close, Miers and Stengle for a small forward position at the Cats but I'd back Motlop in to immediately be pushing for a senior berth at the Cats.

Mego Red is up next for Adelaide.


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Sep 10, 2018
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St Kilda
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Chelsea till I die
Correct me if I’m wrong isn’t Motlop Freo NGA?

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Oct 28, 2010
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Milwaukee Bucks
Pick 36 - Geelong Cats - Leek Alleer (Central District)
A pick moreso for the future than the now. Alleer's athleticism as a key defender has been on full show for the Central District senior side this season and after missing out on being drafted the previous two seasons the Cats will add to their limited key defensive stocks with this pick. Far from a finished product with plenty to work on skills wise but the development has been rapid recently and the potential is huge as an intercept marking key defender. Smashed the previous National record in the Running Vertical Jump at the recent SA AFL Combine by jumping 107cm; that's a whopping 4cm bigger than what was previously the record set by Kyron Hayden (Nic Nat in 3rd now at 102cm). The Cats don't mind taking a punt on athletic prospects and I trust the coaching team at Geelong to get the best out of Alleer.

SumaGodCoach up next for West Coast.


@Headless approved!
Nov 7, 2017
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Manchester City, Collingwood AFLW
Pick 38 - Cooper Murley - Norwood
177 cm
Midfielder/ Small Forward


A forgotten player due to injury this year, Murely is a genuinely tough midfielder despite his size with clean skills and strong workrate. WHat's most impressive about Murley is his contested ability for his size, I've seen him go toe-to-toe with ruckmen and come out on top before. With that, his pace and his clean ball use I'd be hoping Murley can turn into somewhat of a Zak Butters clone


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