Resource Graphic Design Software and Resource Thread

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Hi all,

Please see below list of Graphic Design app resources, please reply with more so we can keep this list updated.

I will list the below with raster and/or vector tagging. If you are not sure what this is, have a quick read of it here.

These are in no particular order.

Graphic Design Tools

PhotopeaGraphic DesignWeb BrowserFreeMore InfoOnline Photoshop replacement. Can be used offline once loaded once, utilises javascript, vector and raster
Adobe PhotoshopGraphic DesignWindows, Mac, IpadOSSubscription, PaidMore InfoPremium photo editor, primarily raster but can load vector
Adobe IllustratorGraphic DesignWindows, Mac, IpadOSSubscription, PaidMore InfoPremium illustration app, primarily vector but can load raster
VectornatorGraphic DesignMac, IpadOS and IOSFreeMore InfoPowerful Vector software, basic raster, Apple only
Affinity DesignerGraphic DesignWindows, Mac, IpadOSPaidMore InfoVector software, one-off charge, can be tough without tutorials
InkscapeGraphic DesignWindows, Mac, LinuxFreeMore InfoOpen-source illustration vector app
ProCreateGraphic DesignIpadOS, IOSPaidMore InfoAustralian-made, powerful raster app, IpadOS/IOS only
Autodesk SketchbookGraphic DesignWindows, Mac, Android, IOS, IpadOSFree/PaidMore InfoRaster software, may be discontinued
GIMPGraphic DesignWindows, Mac, LinuxFreeMore InfoRaster and vector, quite powerful

Once i have a bit more i will add more and make this a bit more streamlined.


PexelsStock PhotosWeb BrowserFree/PaidMore InfoRoyalty free stock photo library
AutoTracerImage ConverterWeb BrowserFreeMore InfoOnline raster to vector converter
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