Universal Love Half-Cat

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Simpson for Strawberry
Oct 3, 2013
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I'm guessing I'm in the minority when I say that I like the new Half Cat look (and Clawdia too). It's much more friendly and I doubt it will scare kids like the old Half Cat did occasionally.

And having a big smiling cat on promo material looks better than an angry one


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Sep 15, 2007
I don't know
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Ah that explains why half cat of the past couple of decades has been rather dull. He is a middle aged school teacher. The half cat/s in the early 90s were far more fun, cheeky and entertaining. The kids are missing out.

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Sep 28, 2008
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Ah that explains why half cat of the past couple of decades has been rather dull. He is a middle aged school teacher. The half cat/s in the early 90s were far more fun, cheeky and entertaining. The kids are missing out.
The previous half cat was also a teacher.

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The Quandrinator

All Australian
Feb 5, 2013
Southern NSW
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I performed the Half Cat role in Canberra for a GWS game a few years back and I thought I might reply with a few things to give you an appreciation of the job.

The day I did it, Round 2 I think, was around 30 degrees outside. Inside the suit would easily have been over 50C. It was stifling in there. I don’t think I have ever been hotter.

The old suit (pictured) is thick black and synthetic. You would not be cold in Siberia in this thing. It is also heavy and very smelly! Do I really stink that bad? Of course my profuse sweating brought out the smell of every previous wearer. It reeks. It’s actually a fight not to throw up.

The head. The flamin’ head. It’s huge and it’s dark. You can see out through a thick, dark mesh in the mouth. Your field of vision is about 10 degrees up and down and about 45 degrees sideways. You cannot see children rushing up to hug you. And they do. At speed. The head isn’t held on very well and it MUST not come off!

On exiting the change rooms, who should I bump into? The Governor-General. I could just see his face. I curtsied like he was the Queen and he laughed. I shook his hand and he shook my vicious claw.

it’s incredibly hard to walk in this, let alone skip. Being guided through the crowd, hundreds upon hundreds of children run up to you at pace screaming “HALF CAT”. It’s fun but a little awe inspiring. Stopping in front of the Geelong section of the crowd and stirring up the chant was by far the most fun! Geeeeee-long Geeeeeee-long.

I walked about 150 metres around the ground and then back again. Onto the ground and back.

When I got back to the change rooms, the GWS big boy mascot arrived at the same time. We were both utterly soaked. He was a reserve grade player and his suit was even worse - very rubbery. The kid was wasted. Absolutely lovely young man though.

I lost 6 kilograms in the exercise and took three days to recover to not feeling dreadful.

The full time chap has done this 500+ times.


and cheers

Not sure how many people really think about Half-Cat but it may surprise some to know that it's been the same man in that costume for about 18+ years. He was a high-school teacher of mine in the late 90's when he got the gig and it's amazing to see that he's still running around as Half-Cat to this day. That's dedication!

Every time i see Half-Cat i can see the man in the suit smiling and loving every minute of being out on the ground, he's not some stoned teenager who's been pushed out onto the oval by a marketing department who's only concern is to earn $10 an hour and get back to unpause his Xbox at his shared house before all the weed has been smoked - Half-Cat bleeds blue & white and is one of the most genuine down to earth people you could meet.

I remember in the 80's when i was at primary school a Half-Cat showed up at school one day for some promotional reason and was swarmed by the kids, as you'd expect - what you wouldn't expect thou is watching this costumed cat throwing kids left and right and swinging at their heads trying to bat them away like they were zombies and it was his last stand. It was a massacre, i saw kids walking out of the pack holding their face crying because they'd been punched by the Cats mascot. I saw that! It haunted me for years.

Knowing the Half-Cat we have today - and have had for the best years of the Cats AFL history - is to know we have a true spirit of the club who cares deeply for people, for kids, for fans and for the mighty cats who take to the oval week in week out - and we should be honored to be represented by someone with that much dedication.

Come the rain, come 30+ degree days, Half-Cat is always out and about giving his best to drum up some atmosphere and i guarantee the man under the giant cat head is always wearing a big smile on his face because it's just the type of guy he is.

Here's to you Half-Cat :thumbsu: - one of the clubs longest serving warriors.



Aug 28, 2012
AFL Club
Excuse my ignorance but due to work and living on the NSW/VIC border I’ve been unable to attend any games this season but has the “new” more athletic, acrobatic, cartwheeling half cat commenced yet or are there no mascots at games yet due to covid? Asking for a fried...;)

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