Test India v England (5 Tests) + Ind A v Eng Lions (1 Tour Match and 3 FC games)

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At least they are going at 4 an over still. That is all that matters

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read that Sharma is off the field with back stiffness. how are Bumrah's captaincy skills in his absence?

He’s decided to bowl the spinners and let the poms just implode on their own.

Cunning stratagem
Only 156 to get with 5 wickets in hand. McCullum says advantage England

Baz must have the cushiest gig in cricket. Sit in the pavilion, put your feet up, watch your batsmen get out often doing stupid things like Duckett today, have a laugh with those who've been dismissed, tell your players that a loss feels like a win and play golf with the lads.
Just tuned in, on Kayo.

My Pommie mate is still in Cambodia on an insect-and-parasite-infested, street-food-poisoning holiday, but I'm giving him plenty of grief about India versus England, to which he drew my attention with rapturous delight after the First Test.
He's been strangely quiet, since then :roflv1:.

My latest text to him:
Crawley dismissed, 100 runs shy of what would have been a brilliant and much needed ton,
but was actually ZERO off 16 non-Bazballs.
Dumbstow wasted another DRS referral when LBW,
oh, but he raced to 39 off 31.
Bazball-Jonny, huzzah!!!

Poms 4/99,
ONLY 160 behind.
It's close mate, hanging on a knife edge ..."

"Captain Stokes leading from the front by keeping out the Indians for a determined, stonewalling innings of 2 from 10 balls. Unluckily bowled by Ashwin in the over before lunch.

WHAT A LEADER!! :hearteyes::hearteyes:

5/103, BUT scored with swashbuckling entertainment in 22.5 overs.
I am entertained, for sure.
Your 2024 Poms (who have not WON a test series since December 2022) are certainly keen to force a quick result in a blaze of Bazballian glory.
KUDOS to Stokes & Co, for again making the running in this Test and for making the Indians look so good.

Just remember, :sneaky: YOU started this."
As I type, Foakes foaked, 6/113, OH JOY!!

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