Workshop Jumper Ideas For 2023

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Wonder if Puma will change it's template for 2023, seeing as how it changed it's 2017 design after three years.

Would like to see the North home guernsey perfected.

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Giants should do away with their current home design and stick with the orange away/clash and a charcoal home (maybe with solid orange 'G')

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If they were going to do that, they should have the orange guernsey with orange shorts and a smaller G, and then have the never surrender as a clash.
I know you love it, but it really doesn't work with the whole side of the kit being orange. The top (with charcoal shorts) is probably the strongest. Similar to the Roar kit actually, but without the extra bordering

In doing a bit of digging, even the Dutch football team seems to have strayed away from doing a full solid colour (orange). When they did have it though, they went extra accent and highlights on the sides to make it stand out a bit more.

I think it's just a very intense colour and needs something to offset it

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Updated GWS Designs:

Home (Worn at all home games)
GWS Giants 2023 3.png
GWS Giants 2023 4.png
Clash (Worn at away games against Adelaide, Brisbane, Carlton, Collingwood, Essendon, Fremantle, Melbourne, Port Adelaide, Richmond, St Kilda, West Coast, Western Bulldogs
GWS Giants 2023.png
Never Surrender (Worn at away games against, Geelong, Gold Coast, Hawthorn (With white shorts), North Melbourne, Sydney)

GWS Giants 2023 2.png
New CEO, post Covid (ish), incoming new AFL logo?
I feel like it's on the horizon. Makes sense as well given the logos been around for almost a quarter century. I wouldn't mind the same ball shape but just simplified a bit like the NRL but probably not to that extent. Something like this:

afl new logo mens.png
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