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Dec 7, 2016
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North Melbourne
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WUN v MC in Ballarat - Tomorrow 20th Feb

A-League gets green light to open Mars doors

The A-League has been given the green light to host spectators in Ballarat on Saturday. 4000 people will be permitted entry to watch Western United do battle with league newcomers MaCarthur FC at Mars Stadium.

The figure is 35 percent of the venue’s capacity in consideration that the venue is presently undergoing extensive modification to its standing areas and construction of permanent new entries and toilet facilities for the standing zones is presently underway.

United chief executive Chris Pehlivanas says tickets are on sale.

"Our media team and marketing team is ready to go and our partners in Ballarat will be made aware, so hopefully we can flood the market pretty quick and give everyone a chance to get there as soon as possible," he said.

Western United.jpg

Mars Stadium - Saturday 28th December 2019 (WUFC v Wellington Phoenix). Image courtesy Skylinedrone Imaging

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