Marvel Stadium

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Sep 27, 2014
The Temple, Boyle Heights
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Can someone explain why the AFL has bought this hole of a stadium and yet we still get ripped off?

19.50 today for two drinks and a ******* hot chips for ****s sake.

The food as a whole is rubbish.

Phone reception at the ground is a joke. Their wifi is problematic (at least for me).

They didn’t even have Carlton Draught on tap the other week. They were pouring cans into cups. What sort of BS is that?

About time the AFL put some money and effort into this **** ground and made food prices more in line with the MCGs.

It ******* sucks.
Are you a MCC/AFL member?


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May 27, 2008
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I bring in something almost always.

I also like to have hot chips when I’m at the footy and am questioning why prices are so different from the MCG. The AFL got the MCG to change and they don’t own the MCG. They own Marvel yet their food is much more pricier and is probably worse than the MCG’s.
Most likely they have an existing contract with the catering company and the prices are set even though they now own the venue
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