Portfolio MGDBL Redesign and expansion (Mount gambier district baseball leauge)

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I like the cool little demon baby. It's really vintage/ old timey baseball.
I agree, they need to bring it into more of their branding, the football club South Gambier also has a demon baby as their logo and it was on their old kits (designs are in the LCFL portfolio)
south indians logo.jpg south indians pri kit.jpg south alt.jpg
for south, I went to a red kit, with new text and the same lined cuffing from the Federals and Tigers kits but in their colours, this kit and logo have new text that was used by the Cleveland Indians (now Garudians) in 2008, I've kept the chief wahu logo as it is a good fit, with the new text and classic south text put together in the logo, the cheif wahu logo also features where numbers can be on baseball kits, their alt is a black inverse, which so far is 1 on the 2 planned teams to have a black alt kit
disclaimer I know what people will say about this logo, I like this logo and this is for design it's a local league, plus only white people complain about this, not even the people they think are being disrespected

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Centrals white.jpg Centrals black.jpg
centrals is the second team to have a black alt, I have reverted their kit to a white base with pinstripes, in place of the number is the monogram and club logo, their alt is a simple reverse of this kit nice refresh for a team whos kit were fine to begin with
bandits logo.jpg bandits pri.png bandits alt.png
I decided to compelte all the existing teams, for Millicent, I've kept the same idea for their text now with an outline, I've added silver which is used on their training tops and by their softball team, I made the Brisbane bandits logo their logo but recolored, I decided to keep it off the jersey as I've been doing that too much it looks great with out it, for their kits I kept it blue now with silver and white to highlight, for their alt I went with silver as most teams have a black or white alt, so silver was the go, to stand out along with tigers overall I like it is similar to their current kit just with silver to different from narracoorte and spice it up a bit
portland pirates.png Pirates pri.jpg Pirates alt.jpg
For Portland, I used The Pittsburgh Pirates' old logo, but without the red, their main kit is yellow with text from the logo and numbers on the MLB kits, it has white cuffs with yellow linning and yellow texted outlined in white, their alt is a black reverse of this kit
Hamilton Lions logo.jpg Hamilton Lions Pri.jpg Hamilton Lions alt.jpg
For Hamilton, I used a logo used by a Texas baseball team in maroon, their logo is a merge of the Detriot lion and text, their home kit features the same text, with white lining, their alt is a reverse of the home kit

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sounds good, just need colors and identity, dogs for Casterdon 100%, Penola unsure
Call them Casterton Kelpies. I think that's unique and makes sense seeing as the Australian Kelpie muster is held there. And is the birthplace of the kelpie
Penola Brewers logo.png Penola Pri.png Penola Alt.png
Penola's logo is a Barrel with the text and team colors of Purple and green for the grape farms, with cream to highlight which is a common color for wine labels, their main kit is a purple kit with green text and piping with cream highlights their alt is a cream reverse of the home kit

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