NBA [NBA] 2021-22 Real Dream Team

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Solid if unspectacular start.. wanted more the Boston boys. I actually want Jokic to sit now as the Eliminator guy C him... also has Keegan murray who cant miss these days - but Harden and SGA as well, hopefully they dont get 40 in each of the two games

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Ha.. so much for Jaylen Brown being the choice.. first game stunk now he misses.. eliminator in trouble
it's fixed

only 890 odd for the week which is dreadful

Dame Dolla, Edwards (both new recruits) and Tatum (C) but only good scores....everyone else didn't even get above 80

Mitchell 2 missed games, today was a just a practice session for him. This guy ruined my season. Last minute trade in last week, potential 8 games in 2 weeks turns into 3 games with a combined score of 50 odd
Doncic missed one game, injured after 3 minutes in his second game
Jokic missed one game
Sabonis and Siakam both turnover merchants and couldn't shoot all week. Both have 4 games next week but I'm not excited by either of them
Barnes decent

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I'm probably holding doncic.. should play 2 even if he misses tomorrow, and I'm 2 games he probably beats 3 from holiday. Got a team who has scored nearly identical to me in eliminator - beat me by 40 this week while holding Shai on the bench lol
Doncic playing....that changes my plans

OUT: Mitchell, Tatum
IN: Harden, Kyrie

Final trade I might've done a luxury Siakam to Embiid but I just missed lockout. So probably just do a rookie downgrade and get even more bank
Costly...Embiid went big and Siakam continues to be hopeless. Don't know how Siakam goes at a consistent 30 average for 12 straight weeks and then suddenly turns into a spud when I get him

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