Prediction Pick your 3 for 2019 (with free 2014 gift thread)

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Sep 18, 2018
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1. Sam Petrevski-Seton: Could be our most damaging player forward of centre. Arguably the best kick in our team. Higher production will likely result in improved ball movement and more scoring opportunities.

2. Harry McKay: Standing at 200cm, we're clearly building our forward line around this guy. Has the attributes to become one of the best forwards in the game. Looking for consistency across four quarters to help us kick a winning total.

3. Will Setterfield: Has such a high ceiling but needs continuity. If Setterfield is a hit, our midfield will look extremely powerful and dynamic in 2-3 years. Would like to see steady improvements in his fitness and production throughout the season.

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Jul 18, 2018
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1 - Zac Fisher - My new favourite player who hopefully can make the leap to cult hero status amongst the fanbase, as well as continuing his outstanding upwards trajectory his showed this season before he had his leg broken by that unworthy Hawk Thug (don't think that bum's name is worthy enough to be mentioned in the same paragraph, let alone sentence as our Zac. SMH)

2. Lachie Plowman - Big year ahead for the Plow, who had a disappointing 2018 season after a solid 2 seasons in Navy Blue. I am positive he has all the right tools to bounce back in 2019. Think we may want to consider playing him as a winger type.

3 - Sam Docherty - Being a fair while since i have seen a footy club's structure and season pretty much go up the crapper after an ACL injury before rnd 1. I can't see The Doc back in action, just hope his knee is good to go (will expect him to take a while before we see him back to his best)

4 - Kade Simpson - I think 2019 will be Simmo's swansong. . Going to treasure and memorize every game this champion and great clubman player plays from now on. I will be inconsolable the day he announces he is hanging up the boots. This person has given so much to the club and the community. Intellectually i am bracing myself for his likely farewell, emotionally, i just can't deal with it :(

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Nov 13, 2015
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Great thread

Revisiting 2014 was interesting/depressing

As for next year

Fisher: I believe he will have the biggest improvement of any player and might be the best mid/small forward in the league, under 22
Willo: Very bullish about him, love his natural toughness, run and carry. Hates to lose a contest
Macreadie: Kid is a freak, just needs a sound body
Weitering: Will have his best year

Note: If any 2 of Pickett (could have the biggest spike), Lang, Garlett, or Cuners, find a reasonable level of consistency, we will have a better year than expected


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Nov 22, 2015
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Players that will make a difference ...

SPS to show us his class and what he can do with a full pre-season. Rarely got tackled in 2017.

Pickett has the speed and just has to really want it.

Williamson to provide run off the half back line defense and hardness.

Sneaky fourth ... O’Brien. Has all the traits, has to come together. If he cements his spot in the 22 ahead of a few, we are going ok.


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Oct 8, 2004
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1. Setterfield: Wil performance match the hype? Hopefully he'll get over his injuries and start playing his best footy.

2. Weitering--people are treating him like he's some kind of McCartin level flop. The guy is going to be a gun.

3. Stocker--that trade put him under pressure. Hopefully he stands tall under that pressure and blitzes the comp next year.

4. Cripps--why wouldnt you watch Cripps closely? He's awesome.

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Feb 1, 2015
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O'Brien: Last season was about finding his place, but next season will be about finding his range, which will make him a very dangerous player.
SPS: Get a full preseason into him and the instant growth and expansion of his game will shock many here. It'll be like there are two of him.
Garlett: To be the electric, dynamic, small forward we desperately crave. Has the speed, has the skill and has the goal sense.


Feb 5, 2015
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Hard to pick. This is the players that I believe can go another level. 3rd or 4th year in the system. Or coming back from injury and showing the competition something special.

1. Weitering - the end of the season was amazing for him. If he can produce games like that every week then he’s AA. The tough part is how does jones and Weitering fit together. Jones tends to take off from his man thinking he has to do everything causing Weitering to be hesitant and not back himself in. I’m all for Weitering given the license to lead the tall defensive crop.

2. Thomas - yep, a surprising one, but he’s starting to get confidence in his body again. It’s been 3 pre seasons since he hurt his shoulder in round 1 v Richmond. Right then he went backwards with confidence. Became good in 2018 with greater responsibility. He will relish having docherty in the side with him. And get the free reign of the wings like in his Collingwood days. I think he’s back.

Harry - This kid will break out in 2019. At 203 cm and with his agility and marking he will become greater than Ben brown. He’s got McGovern and Charlie taking defenders away from him and no one will be able to get their hands near HIS football. Kicking will improve and he’s in for a great year with 40+ goals. He will be talked up all year by EVERYBODY.

4. Cuningham - Thos kid is special. I can’t see him playing VFL if fully fit. His year will be great and his 2020 even greater. Russell will work wonders with the mental side of his game. I can see huge percentage growth on percentage and play involvement. I’d love to see him on a wing tearing the opposition a new one.

Soapy V

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Sep 17, 2015
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I could name them all. Going to get a sore neck watching them all play. Excellent group

My three that really excite me for 2019

1. Setterfield. All I want is him to get fit and play games. If he can get 15 plus games next year and some continuity he will be a star

2. Dow. To stand out in this group you have to be something special and he is. Already looks bigger and fitter

3. Garlett. Training exceptionally hard and looks great. Really focussed. Can see him playing well at HB or Wing. Highly skilled and if reaches his potential will make us even better

Might be having a sneaky look at LeBois & LOB as well ;)

P.S. Also keen on SPS Pickett McKay Charlie Walsh Stocker Willo Weitering Marchbank Kerr McGovern Jack Murphy Polson Fisher DC Macreadie Kennedy Plowman Newman Goddard Bugg & Finbar
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Oct 11, 2009
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Stocker - kid is going to make SOS look genius. Those kicks inside 50 off either foot ....
Pickett - pay to go watch players light up the field, he has IT, if he wants it.
Setterfield - has all the tools, will force teams to pick between him and Cripps to tag

Willo is the business, needs to stay on the park. Has skills and mongrel, cult hero in the making.

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