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Feb 17, 2012
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Yeah I saw that a few weeks ago. Are you trying out? If so good luck :thumbsu:
Thanks for that. I was in an auto accident about 4 years ago, and still putting myself back together. My goal is to continue my rehab and workouts and play with the Jackaroos next season, as I was hoping to do prior to that accident. Even if I can just get into a couple of matches, I would consider that a major achievement for myself, because of what I have gone through physically over these past few years, and because of my age.

If I lived in Aus, I wouldn't even stand a chance at something like that. The difference in the quality of play is like night and day, I'm sure. But, I would love to get into coaching, because there is a small chance we might develop a pro league here over the next several years or more, so I need the experience of playing if there is even a chance of that happening. (I played soccer here, growing up.)

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Mar 12, 2012
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Blue? Is it the retro one?
Nope, brand new. Essentially just blue for red swap of their current road uniform.

Oops, I've probably said too much. Adidas are watching...

Edit: ^yeah that one. But you better take or down before Adidas see and decide to nuke this site.

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