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Club Legend
Sep 26, 2019
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Matthew Pavlich
James Hird
Adam Goodes

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Premiership Player
Apr 12, 2009
AFL Club
West Coast
This one is tough

1.Martin - Martin always stood up when it counted, he is the type of player when the ball lands near him in the 50 it's either a goal or he is going to give it off to a teammate that creates a goal, he is one of the most selfless players with that amount of skill and talent, he probably gave up 100+ goals that he could have kicked himself, also his decision making and field kicking is elite, his overall game was more rounded than Judd, what he did to Geelong particularly the goal where he brushed off Danger like he was nothing was legendary.

2.Ablett Jnr - elite skills the most skillful of the 3, it's a shame he went to GC he would have looked better staying at Geelong, probably be number 1 if he stayed at Geelong.

3.Judd first 3-4 years was his prime, never got it back at Carlton he clears both Ablett and Martin in his prime however it didn't last.

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Hall of Famer
Sep 14, 2005
AFL Club
1. Dunstall
2. Lockett
3. Ablett

Dunstall was an out and out superstar of Australian rules football. Somehow that gets lost in these eternal comparisons with Lockett and Ablett. People try to downgrade his talent, which is just laughable. He kicked 1,254 goals. He would've broken Coventry's record and owned the record for the most goals ever if he didn't rupture his ACL twice and fracture his skull

He kicked 100 goals in a season 6 times (same as Lockett). Not always for a top team. He did it twice when the Hawks were an average, mid-table team in the mid 90's. He once kicked 17 goals in a game which was better than Lockett and Ablett ever did. He was still kicking big bags of goals in his final season when he was a cripple on one leg and the Hawks were shithouse. He was that good.

Ablett and Lockett were 2 of the most talented players ever, both superstars... but they were both individualists. Flawed geniuses who were undisciplined and erratic. Not great team players. Everything revolved around them. Their teammates got out of their way, stood back and watched. Dunstall worked better with his teammates. He gave away a lot of goals. He literally changed the way key forwards played with his dedication and his disciplined, unflappable, unselfish, team-oriented approach.

It's no surprise that Hawthorn won 4 flags with the team-oriented Dunstall as their best player


Dunstall... 4
Lockett.... 0
Ablett...... 0

Best and Fairests

Dunstall.... 4
Lockett..... 3
Ablett....... 1

Brownlow votes

Dunstall... 129.... (avg 0.52)
Lockett.... 128.... (avg 0.47)
Ablett...... 100.... (avg 0.43)

Free kicks against

Dunstall... 224.... (avg 0.83)
Lockett.... 559.... (avg 2.00) avg 2.27 for St Kilda
Ablett...... 567.... (avg 2.29)
You’re a Hawker, so I can ask you.

Is it true in that 17 goal game, he sat on the bench in the last quarter for God knows how long before Joyce turned around and asked where’s Dunstall?!

I’ve heard this before but not sure if it’s BS. If true, he would’ve smashed that 18 goal Fanning record.

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