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May 21, 2013
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Hawkins not listed under 'injuries' in the Cats post match report. Came back on for the last minute. Positive early signs, but I guess we'll see how he pulls up tomorrow and during the week.

Assuming I don't need to trade Tomahawk and can I avoid other injuries, my trades will be:
-Flynn to RUCK/FWD*
-Weightman to Danger OR Waterman to Greene

*Max Lynch or J.Edwards as cheapies, Treacy or Amartey as expensive options, I need to decide what I want from this trade

team done, no rookies on field, 4 or 5 trades left, depending on what I do tomorrow

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Jun 29, 2006
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Fwds are so damn fickle and i'm not paying up until i;m sure who i want.
I want to go Robertson > Pendles next week for M9 as coverage for 8 primmadonna mids, coz even though its premature he's value right now and i just know at least 1 will die and 1 will be having a crappy period.
Pies play early and he can have the E, he doesnt get injured, he's cheap, and i reckon he'll have the odd 125-130 every few weeks....which i'd grab for any slightly out of form M1-M8 immediately regardless of who it is. I see it worth a lot of points over the next 5-10 rounds of injury riddled purgatory.
Maybe 150+pts value adding which cannot be done with anyone expensive or any rook or anyone remotely injury prone. Potential worth a lot more as a saved late season trade.
Do it when its there.
So, Robertson > Pendlebury. Then not much for a month. Tempting to hold Robertson. Like the look of him. Possible he plays out the season as a decent F6 at 75-80. Seems to be getting better.
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