Review Round 20, 2019: Box Hill Hawks v Northern Blues, 18 August 2019, 12.00pm @ BHCO

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The Hawks are in dire need of a win to secure a spot in the top eight before the end of the season and come up against a club immediately below the Hawks on the ladder.

After collapsing in a heap against Werribee, the Hawks sit ninth on the ladder, a half-game behind Casey Demons and a half-game clear of the Northern Blues. In a match designed to be a curtain raiser to the Hawks-Suns game later in the afternoon, the Hawks will need to defeat the Blues and hope (against hope) that the Demons somehow manage to fall over against Frankston in a game being played later in the afternoon.

Assuming the form line holds true, then round 21 becomes critical for the Hawks. With Casey on the bye for the last round of the season, the Hawks need to win both against the Northern Blues and against Collingwood to sneak into the finals; lose either and chances are the Hawks will be on the outside looking in when September rolls around.

The Hawks could conceivably finish as high as seventh if they win both matches and Port Melbourne lose against Sandringham on Sunday (Port Melbourne have the bye in the last round of the home & away season and are on 38 points currently). Port Melbourne's percentage is 108.68%, compared to the Hawks' 109.51%. This could be critical in the run-in to the finals, as currently Werribee sits in fifth position and would host an elimination final against whichever club finishes eighth. With the Hawks not playing too well against Werribee last time around, the Hawks may secretly be hoping to avoid Werribee in the first week of the finals - if they make it.

Of course, there's a chance that Geelong could leapfrog Werribee into fifth position. Werribee and Geelong are currently tied on 40 points each, with only percentage separating the two teams. The occupants of the top four are most likely settled, with Richmond already claiming the minor premiership being 10 points clear of Footscray and Williamstown (both tied on 50 points each), while Essendon is in fourth spot on 48 points, two games clear of Werribee and Geelong. Werribee cannot make the top four, as they have the bye this weekend, while Geelong face Williamstown (currently third) and Essendon (currently fourth) in the next two weeks.

Teams as named last night:

Box Hill Hawks
B: 44. D. Greaves, 30. K. Brand, 50. D. Mascitti
HB: 34. J. Koschitzke, 32. D. Mirra, 35. J. Scrimshaw
C: 1. H. Morrison, 52. A. Moore, 11. C. Nash
HF: 42. T. Miles, 19. J. Gunston, 20. C. Wingard
F: 13. C. Glass, 27. M. Pittonet, 37. J. Ross
Foll: 7. B. McEvoy, 17. D. Howe, 46. J. Cousins
Int from: 51. V. Adduci, 67. N. Boucher, 75. C. Byrne, 74. A. Cotte, 66. M. DeWit, 62. S. Horner, 61. B. Kilpatrick, 53. L. Mackie, 54. L. Meadows, 56. N. Mullenger-Mchugh, 70. M. Shannon, 33. M. Walker
23P: 58. J. Cucinotta

In: B. Kilpatrick, J. Cucinotta, C. Nash, B. McEvoy, J. Cousins, M. DeWit, D. Howe, L. Mackie, C. Byrne, A. Cotte, J. Gunston, N. Boucher, C. Wingard
Out: M. Doreian, J. Roughead, L. Stapleton, D. Moore, L. Walker

Northern Blues
B: 51. A. Johnson, 37. B. Silvagni, 19. A. Schumacher
HB: 46. M. Cottrell, 45. H. Goddard, 60. J. Hill
C: 28. D. Cuningham, 75. F. Anderson, 55. J. O’Rourke
HF: 53. J. Palmer, 32. A. Fasolo, 13. L. Stocker
F: 16. D. Lang, 12. T. De Koning, 44. M. Owies
Foll: 34. A. Phillips, 29. C. Polson, 69. S. Fisher
Int from: 77. M. Blakey, 68. J. El Moussalli, 21. J. Garlett, 27. M. Lobbe, 62. C. McCabe, 38. F. O’Dwyer, 66. G. Strachan, 72. N. Wheeler
23P: 70. K. Quirk
In: M. Blakey, D. Lang, J. El Moussalli, C. McCabe, F. Anderson, D. Cuningham, N. Wheeler, J. Garlett
Out: P. Dow, M. Kennedy, H. Macreadie, M. Stavrou

It's fair to say that at least five or six listed Hawks named in the team last night won't play on Sunday, so the team that runs out on Sunday morning for the warm-ups probably won't have a lot of resemblance to the team named last night.

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Box Hill with 12 scoring shots in that quarter from 17 inside 50s


Box Hill 6.9.45
N.Blues 3.9.27

M.Walker 2
Ross 1
Boucher 1
Mullenger-McHugh 1
Doreian 1

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