Game Day Round 20 vs Norf - Sunday July 30 @ Optus Stadium

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Well we won.

It was a hard watch at times, but we got the 4 points.

Don’t think we’re a threat for another win but good to see the smiles on the lads.
We’re a chance to catch North on % based on today. They’re going to lose by 150 a week in the run home if they’re serious
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Well done boys, glad you could snag a win will help the confidence of the young blokes. Maric looks like an absolute steal. Great to see Darling recapture some of his pre-2022 from.
I hate when oppo kick to the left of screen.

Scott Lucas lives in my head rent free

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F*#k me, I had to work, after sitting through multiple floggings at Optus I missed the win, ah well can kick back and watch the replay stress free.
Onya boys.
And we’re locked


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