Game Day Round 3, 2023 : West Coast Eagles vs Fremantle Dockers

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We had 50 interchanges to 74.

Id be livid if my team acted like they did. Anything less than winning that game 10 goals + is a disgrace
Particularly that grub Walters. I used to be a fan but he is just a disgrace with his diving and antics...I will celebrate when he reties hopefully this year.
I truely don't give a Flying **** that we lost today.

I will gladly and proudly support any Eagles Team that puts up that sort of effort.

Thats the sort of fighting spirit, character thats been missing since 2018.

If the boys can keep displaying that attitude going forward, then the Club has genuinely turned the corner.

s**t result.

Awesome effort against the odds. :thumbsu:

Oh and apparently the Umps don't like dissent, sorry to hear that, however, I shall not refrain ....... you can kiss my arse and go * yourselves.
Gave it a crack. Ran outta cattle. Happy they even were able to fight back and basically draw even in the 3rd. Players were gassed in the last, Freo had plenty left in the tank. The backflip was a bit of a pisstake but it is their grand final....

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Mackenzie got 20 and 9 tackles😂

Will be interesting to see. Ginbey had 6 clearances to 2 and 0 clangers vs 3.

D'ambrosio a much more outside game but clear leader for possessions which seems to matter most these days. But they also tend to err on the side of two things. Age and whether or not the team won. So I think Mackenzie will get it.
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