News Scott Selwood delisted

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Brownlow Medallist
Mar 7, 2009
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Melbourne Stars
The actual quote was:

“Scott is always welcome at the club, and we wish him well in his future endeavours. We hope to see a new opportunity come his way in football as he has a lot to offer.”

Implying a non-playing role.
If he has so much to offer then why sack him, that was my thought when I read that.

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Hall of Famer
Jan 1, 2008
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I was really making a comment on the awkwardness/irony of sacking someone while saying they're a great bloke and has a lot to offer. It's something you only really see in football. I always find it kinda amusing.
Yeah i agree

Not as bad as Troy - im pretty sure Voss at the Lions delisted Troy when he was lying in a hospital bed
He wasn't insured, and they weren't sure he'd pull through.

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Club Legend
Jul 29, 2006
AFL Club
He was worth a punt as a free agent. Didn't work out but not for lack of trying on his part. Can't say he held anything back. Exactly the kind of guy the suns would want to set standards as a playing coach. Former vice captain of a decent side, knows what good looks like for discipline and leadership.

Wish him all the best
I agree, we wish him all the best but in hindsight it was a bad call. People are impacted by his surname when excusing the club in recruiting him.


Max Rooke Appreciation Society
Oct 9, 2010
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Saw him play several VFL games this year. Never took it easy nor 1/2 arsed it. Perfect clubman and great leader of the younger kids.

Would be great to keep around as an on field coach or something in development with vfl squad - depends on soft cap and what is open I guess Go Catters

jim boy

Umpires Association Head
Jun 4, 2002
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He'd be great as a playing-assistant-coach at GC. His own output wont lift the Suns, but his leadership, tenacity and drive could do wonders for those around him.

Down at K Park

Norm Smith Medallist
May 18, 2016
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I was really making a comment on the awkwardness/irony of sacking someone while saying they're a great bloke and has a lot to offer. It's something you only really see in football. I always find it kinda amusing.
Has anyone ever come out and said “yeah he’s a sh*t bloke, and he deserved to be sacked”? Would love to see that one day.

Call it “Keep Kelly Kash”

Go Catters


Norm Smith Medallist
Dec 18, 2016
AFL Club
It's not great to see, but he'd fallen too far down the midfield depth chart to persist any further.

This wasn't nearly the case in his first couple of seasons at the club, so I don't agree that his recruitment was an error. Do yourself a favour and look at our shockingly weak 2015 midfield and I think it's pretty obvious why Scoot was bought in and it isn't his surname.

Now even if Kelly goes it's hard to see a place for him when he's arguably behind Parsons, Simpson and Fogarty let alone Chook, Narkle and Parfitt.

He deserved more credit than he was given, but that's often the case with footy. Hopefully whatever he does next can be more personally rewarding and less sacrificial.

Footy Smarts

Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 19, 2006
AFL Club
Seemed like a good citizen and clubman. However, 34 games in 4 seasons and probably 50% of them serviceable (I’m being generous). Good luck to him.
That's harsh. When he got on the field he was pretty handy and a few times really raised the intensity and aggression level in midfield when we needed it. He was one of our best players in the qualifying finals against Hawthorn and Richmond the year after where he was one of the guys who dragged is back into it.

Actually his finals series of 2017 was symbolic of his career. Really good against both Richmond and Sydney winning lots of inside ball and really intense tackling. Then pinged a hammy early in the prelim in Adelaide. Over his time here he showed why we picked him up. Considering he only cost cap space his pick up was well with the risk it's just a pity his body didn't let him get the best out of himself.

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