Official Match Thread Season 37 - Round 5 - Dragons FFC v Roys FFC at Ljp86's Lair

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The twelfth placed Roys travel to Ljp86's Lair this week looking for their second win of the year, but the home team might just have something to say about that. Celebrations commenced last week in the dragon's den for Ljp86 upcoming 600th game, a league record being rightly celebrated by the league.

Will the celebration be enough to drive the Dragons to victory? The Roys hold a comfortable lead in head to head matches and have won the two most recent meetings, but they will need to stop a three game losing streak as well as a jubilant Dragons outfit looking to win for Ljp86

After a slow start in black and green Bonz kicked 8 in their last match and will be looking to do the same again this week.
Mooch rebounded from a goalless week to kick 4 last week and will be looking to improve on that this week.

Will we see a shootout on Sunday? One thing is for certain we will see a player run out for game 600 for the very first time and that's reason enough to watch this game.

Captains please note: The deadline for team sheet submission is the Thursday 11:59 PM Perth Time
Greenery DragoDelph Mobbs Mooch
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Can't believe we got a Ljp upgrade before GTA 6
Or Elder Scrolls 6 for that matter.

...who am I kidding, we'll have a colony on Mars before that happens.

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