Official Match Thread Season 37 Round 18 - Dragons FFC v Fighting Furies at Ljp86's Lair

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It would have been nice to have a 9th, but it wasn't to be.

Good win Dragons, what an enthralling match, come down to the last minute or so.

Bad luck Furies. So close.
Wow, what a game! Two heartstoppers for me today across both leagues. Well done Dragons, and there's still a chance we meet in thr finals. Get ready for the ultimate Grand Final Rematch if we face off in the GF ❤️

Thanks for posting, MWPP 😀

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T2B_ I mean, sure you let through 8 goals but when the chips were down what a performance.
I'm like that geriatric player that everyone thinks has gone one season too long but in a big moment still has the class and experience to come through for the team.

Granted I'm no old veteran, just too full of KFC and avo.
#serial150 stats!

TotalsTotalsAvg.League Rank
Games149 264th
Frees For1050.70387th
Frees Agnst1320.89301st

WIN 74 (49.66%)

DRAW 3 (2.01%)

LOSS 72 (48.32%)


EKA - Season 29
Frankston Rover - Season 33
4x All-SFA (S30, S31, S33, S36)
Premiership Captain - Season 32​

Well done to serial_thrilla on 150 games. Here's to another 150 with the mighty Dragons!! :thumbsu:
Good win Dragons!! What a comeback in the last quarter after things didn't go our way a whole lot in the opening three terms. We did however stick it out until the end and managed to conjure up a really hard fought victory!!

Pie 4 Life was a star in what was a stellar performance and was ably supported by big_icky, Purple Jesus and DragoDelph with Ligma also chipping in as well. Bonz got the job up forward as usual with a bag of six goals while Supersuns also added a couple in a pocket rocket type performance.

Nice to come away with the win in what was a pretty important game in the scheme of things. Next week is massive and we'll need to be up and about for the last home and away round!! :thumbsu:

Go Dragons!! :thumbsu:
4 : 1.07 - <<< Ljp86 is coming on to replace Hatchy1992 >>>
4 : 3.46 - <<< Knifey Spoony is coming on to replace Ljp86 >>>
4 : 7.16 - <<< Ljp86 is coming on to replace Hatchy1992 >>>

4 : 10.03 - <<< pK75 is coming on to replace Ljp86 >>>

Andonis1997 on the turnip juice again!


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