Official Match Thread Season 37 Round 7 - Dragons FFC v Mount Buller Demons at Ljp86's Lair

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4 : 5.39 {FF} - sausageroll from point blank range.
4 : 5.43 {FF} - Off line - one behind.

Angry Season 9 GIF by Shameless

You're not disappointed, you're just angry.

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He looks like a Haas avocado.

Ours was a Reed avocado.

Gee, I miss it.

If I'm reeding between the lines here, it seems you haas to get a new one.
Good win Dragons!! A fairly solid performance throughout, including a good start, coupled with a nice finish.

Some pretty good games overall by a number of players with Pie 4 Life playing a stellar game as did Ligma, Greenery, Chief, freo84 and Purple Jesus. Blaze Storm also had a fairly good game too while Hatchy1992 was lively up forward in a pocket.

Good to make it two wins in a row, especially claiming victory at home in front of the home fans. A big game awaits against the Swamprats in Round Eight so we'll need to be up and about for that one. :thumbsu:

Go Dragons!! :thumbsu:

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