The Killers - Imploding the Mirage

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La Dispute

La Dispute
Jul 14, 2005
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Manchester City, Boston Bruins
Been very patchy since Sam’s Town but keen to hear this.

Hot Fuss is still a classic pop rock album IMO, and my gateway into bands like Interpol, Arcade Fire and Bloc Party.

The general consensus was that album was super top heavy, but the back half is just as strong. On Top, Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll and Everything Will Be Alright are comfortable top 10 Killers tracks.

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Big Fresh

Premiership Player
Aug 6, 2013
AFL Club
Really enjoying this album! It could be their best, at least their best since Day and Age. I've been replaying it heaps.

My Own Soul's Warning
Dying Breed
Lightning Fields
My God
Imploding the Mirage

All top notch tracks imo, and there are no real lowlights.

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