Champs Lg UEFA Champions League 2023/24 (Final: Borussia Dortmund vs Real Madrid) - On Stan

Champions League

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Been ******* buzzing all day. Huge. We dug in and showed we have nerves of steel to get through games like this. Odegaard is in a different class to a lot of players, Raya has vindicated Arteta's decision to be outright number 1.

Great time to be a Gooner! LFG!

Go smoke your cigar now Conceciao you flog.

No reason a couple of balls cannot be picked each minute at all, if they remove all the F around they do. A computer only takes away the integrity of it, and opens the draw to being manipulated or bought out. Current CL was fine, until UEFA decided money over quality is the only thing that matters.
That was a clinical finish, beautifully worked. Big chances for Barella and Thuram at the other end, and now the tie is level.

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Well Real v City sucks a bit.
They should just pick who they think the strongest teams are and keep them separated.

If you go by Sportsbet it should’ve been something like City v Dortmund, Arsenal v Atletico, Real v Barca, PSG v Bayern.

Keep the best teams apart. It is what it is.

That said, randomness is probably the fairest system, that’s if it is “random” and not rigged draws.
the same draws year on year. the competition is so boring.
If the same 5 or 6 clubs are better than everyone else and make it to the last 8 what do you expect.
Conversely if a lesser club makes it this far people whinge about who gets that soft tie.

The FA Cup later rounds are boring. Same 4 clubs.
Another 10-2 coming for Arsenal, just where they left off with Bayern

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