Europa Lg UEFA Europa League 2023/24 (Quarter Finals) - On Stan

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Benfica will be tough for Rangers, although we have a surprisingly great record against Portuguese teams in the last 5 years including 3-3 and 2-2 results against Benfica in the group stages 3 or 4 years ago.

Liverpool should have zero issue with Sparta Prague

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Didn't think Brighton would get done that bad.

Liverpool easy peasy.

Rangers currently leading Benfica 1-2 early in the 2nd half. Been hanging on a bit, and England would be crazy not to consider Butland in my opinion. Fantastic keeper. Di Maria is still as big a bellend as ever...
Benfica 2-2 Rangers. Will take it... We were off our feet after about an hour and had to defend valiantly against waves of Benfica attacks. Their two goals were via a penalty and an own-goal, so it potentially could've been a jammy win against a side that hasn't lost at home in Europa League in 28 games I think they said, but not to be.
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