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Jul 9, 2010
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I really like Sunflower, but I’m not huge on Steve Lacy being ‘featured’ on it. Collabs and featured artists on songs is really overdone nowadays, and half the time it is just to create hype. Steve Lacy doesn’t particularly stand out on the track either, so he could’ve just been a cool addition to the writing credits of song.
It seems weird he's created, unless of course he came up with the guitar line.

Vampire Weekend used to be Ezra writing most of the song with Rostam guiding it, adding to it, and producing it. The Chris's would play their instruments on the record and I guess add their opinions here and there. Now Ezra writes the songs and gets Ariel to direct and produce it while getting whoever's in town and down to put their twist on things, to add some gang-vocals, play a guitar line – this is all according to Ezra, too.

So if you're going to do this Frank Ocean thing where you either go 'yo sing this in your own voice' or 'I wrote this guitar bit, can you just noodle on it for 20 minutes? Make it sound... country... or... rustier' then just add it to the credits. If they're singing a verse alone then give em the 'feat.' treatment. Otherwise... just accept that it's part of the process, and their thanks are in the liner notes.

fwiw apparently there's a heap o songs with Steve Lacey. He at least did Flower Moon but he could be on the other 'flower songs.' But apparently there's songs leftover which weren't for Father Of The Bride; could be for Steve's new album or could be for something else.

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