VFL VFL round 3 v Brisbane. Thursday April 6th 1:05pm @ Brighton Homes Arena.

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Looking at the quality of the VFL team if we’re waiting for Ginnivan to have a breakout game to earn his spot back we’ll be waiting a while.

I think the effort he puts on the track is more important at this stage and his tackle numbers suggest he isn’t lazy in the VFL.
Was shouted down last week when I lamented our lack of young tall KP players. Sometimes people can’t see past the present we have 0 young keys, whether playing or injured and don’t mention Freddy because he’s no key size he’s a hybrid.

According to CFC website we have 10 KP players - that’s nearly a quarter of our list

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Worried about what??? The guy can piss off hardly a B Grader, just media hype because of his carry on rather than ability

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This is either trolling, or (if meant to be serious) up there with the dumbest posts I've seen on here lately! Jack Ginnivan scored 40 goals last season, while still a teenager. He's a "natural footballer", knows how to kick goals, and has proven he can perform at the highest level, so to say he's "hardly a B Grader" is just silly. He may well have hit the 50 goal mark last year if not for some horribly biased umpiring. Even after they made life tough for him, bringing in the "Ginnivan rule", he still showed he could kick goals when it really mattered, with 3 against Carlton in that fabulous last-gasp win, and 3 in a final against Fremantle. If you are just trolling, then shame on you for doing so (and silly of me to fall for it!), if you're not and genuinely think this lad "can piss off" shame on you anyway!
Please tell us which other sub B graders have kicked 40 goals in a season?
Just another example of ridiculous hyperbole.
How many did Jack Anthony kick in that year? I don't think it's the same situation although I do think that Ginni is not as sure a thing as others do. I think his smarts could be very handy given out ruck situation (and hence forward reshuffle).

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