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Discussion in 'Football Statistics' started by emuboy, Apr 28, 2009.

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    Were the majority of South Melbourne's 1962 team accountants, auditors & book-keepers, obsessed with matching numbers like perfectly balanced debits and credits?

    One has to wonder, given the way the Swans played a Round 13 game against St Kilda at the Lake Oval.

    In the first quarter, South kicked 4.4, 2.2 in the second & 3.3 in the third, to go to the final change with a score of 9.9-63. And it looked a match-winning score, given the Saints had trailed all day due to dismal scoring evidenced by their paltry quarter by quarter scores of 2.4, 2.9 & 3.9.

    Maybe the Swans were so obsessed with maintaining perfect symmetry that their final quarter strategy was not to score at all, given the Saints trailed by 36 points and seemingly posed little danger? If this was the plan, it back-fired big time. The Swans did indeed fail to score, but allowed the Saints to score 8.5-53, St Kilda reeling in the Swans' 6-goal lead then running away to win by 17 points, 11.14-80 to 9.9-63.
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    I make it 29 times in total that teams have scored the same number of goals as behinds in all four quarters, with Port Adelaide in 2007 the last to manage it:-
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    Well, those two particular hat tricks did not occur, however:

    round 1, 2017: the Bulldogs' first match as reigning premier saw them kick 15 goals and have a victory over Collingwood
    round 1, 1955: the Bulldogs' first match as reigning premier saw them kick 15 goals and have a victory over Collingwood

    The 1955 match saw the Bulldogs kick four more behinds than their 2017 score. The 1955 winning margin (56) was four times greater than the 2017 margin (14).
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    After quarter time tonight we had 41 straight points for the cats, followed by 41 straight for the Bulldogs then 25 straight for the Cats again.
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