Prediction Whose progress are you most excited to see kick on next year

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Aug 29, 2013
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Fisher and Dow - was a tough year for them both . With another pre-season under their belts I expect to see them come back bigger and better next year in much the same way Weiering did after his own struggles.

Setterfield - Showed quite a bit at times for a player who had only managed 2 games before this year. Can't wait to see him taking the next step.

Others include SPS, Harry, Charlie, Stocker.

If our young players continue to improve we will be in a very good position by the end of 2020.

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Oct 1, 2010
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SPS - At his best has proven that he can tear a game apart like no other player on the list, Cripps included. However, has nasty habits to become the invisible man, to fall in love with 20-25 meter sideways kicks and to not use it as well as he can. Hoping with a bit of maturity, experience and confidence that he will give us much more of his best.


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Mar 6, 2018
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Paddy Dow - Will have a breakout year if he has another full preason.

Zac Fisher - Likewise as Dow.

SPS - I just want to see more consistent 20+ quality disposal per game from him.

Polson - Unpopular choice, but I just feel bad for the kid with all this bullying. I got a soft spot for him, hope he proves the supporters wrong.
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Sep 8, 2018
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Stocker and Dow, for me, since I am none the wiser as to how each player will turn out in the long-term.

Setterfield I am fairly confident will be a very good player, Walsh is a boring elite gun, SPS is already tracking well, the big forwards have all shown that they will be great in time.
On Dow: first half of the year regularly got 20 when clearly still not AFl fit. Second half of the year I watched him in 2 VFl games and when back on ball really showed somehting. I think he began to iron out his kicking issues. I see him tracking as a more explosive Taylor Adams at this stage.

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Sep 30, 2018
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For me nearly every youngster on our list has the potential to take their game to another level next season, whether it's players of particular positions or players coming off injury interrupted years who with a strong preseason can hopefully make the impact for our club to take it to the next phase in the teams development.
As important as our young keys are, it's going to be mainly the young midfielders that we will be desperately hoping who can give us the much needed depth we are waiting for to compete for longer and bridge the gap against every other club and shoot up the ladder.
Teaguey having the summer to mould the game style, then the players running out and playing an exciting brand of footy...


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Feb 5, 2008
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cranky crikeys
Setterfield. He moves so well over the ground. IF he can play a few more games like he did against adelaide RD 19 we'll be in for a treat. That same game Cripps was dominating but Setters was prettier to watch and made it look easy. Was BOG for mine.
Charlie stop teasing us. This guy by crikey he could be something so good.
SPS. Can definitely go up another gear. Another silky player oozing class.
The Gov. Another player teasing us somewhat. We've seen it with the crows and in patches with us. Freak.
Time for a few hauls of 6+ and hanger for MOTY. Fantastic closing speed at the cod.
And Teaguey.... lets keep the train a rollin'!!!


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Oct 15, 2008
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The important part here is for players to be playing in their most suited positions and that won't always be possible, given the depth of mids we have.
Fisher and Dow aren't going to flourish in our forward line and neither will Kennedy, who unless he takes on the role he was brought in to do, could easily slide off into oblivion.

Even though ECurnow and Murphy were terrific when thrown back into their favoured posts last year, there will have to be more mixing of youth back into the centre for the whole to flourish. This won't be easy as winning games will take precedence and unless we can get our sh*t together in the VFL, we'll have ourselves an ongoing graveyard for young players in that league. Something has to change.

Fisher won't have a year as poor as the last one - Wing/Midfield
Dow cannot possibly be as poor as he was, regardless of circumstance - Midfield/HFF
Cuningham to remain at half-forward. Really seems to be his go for now but can have a few midfield minutes in between.
Stocker at half-back for a year or two. I like what he brings by way of defensive play and strength. Should make for a good launching pad for him.

Players I feel may miss the boat next year are Kennedy, Williamson, O'Brien and maybe even JSilvagni.
Should all be fit, they may find it hard to cement a spot for themselves.


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Oct 11, 2019
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The midfield group.
Setterfield, Dow, Fisher, Walsh and Gibbons must continue to build their ability to play inside (at times) and prepare us for the retirements of Murphy and Curnow.
Not to even mention easing the burden on Cripps.
The ability of Cunningham, Martin, and Papley to support through the middle will be instrumental to our outside run, but the core group (see above) need to be able to consistently compete in games without Cripps needing to put in a 38 disposal, 15 clearances, 4 goal game.


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Mar 26, 2008
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Hard one, a lot of our yong players have shown a bit but for various reasons stumbled when going to take the next step. There are a lot of players I am really keen to see what they can do. Hard to seperate them really.

Fisher - Showed heaps but just didn't finish the season as strongly as we would have liked. Didn't take to playing more forward as well as we would have liked. If he develops a hard edge and physicality to his game to go with his skill, speed and agility he will be a great player. Think we will see what he is made of and see him go to another level but it has to come from him. The prospect of that happening is very exciting.

SPS - Teased us with some good games in the midfield, particularly against the dogs but stagnated. The physicality seemed to get to him but a move to half back and some great physical efforts turned his season around. Taking the next step in that role would be huge for us. Could quite easily become one of the first picked every week. If he regularly hits the hard kicks and can run well enough both ways to get a bit of it then we have a really good player here.

TDK - Dominated the reserved and we all thought here we go, a gun early developing ruck is rising, then a knee injury stuffed his season up. There is going to be ruck spots come up this year and a good preseason, he's at an age where early developing rucks come on. A ruckman who can mark, goes well at ground level and general play and go forward. Sounds too good to be true but he's got a lot and we're all waiting to see what he's capable of. Could be anything. Could be the out and out number one ruck by season's end. Really keen to see what he can do as a ruckman when he's fit and firing.

Dow - Disappointing season but truthfully there are players like him who will be good players on stronger lists and they are playing reserves and developing without any notice or criticism. Second year player who needs to really up his fitness base so I'm not making judgments yet. Kicking, second, third efforts, pressure acts and running capacity are areas where he could lift and really come on. Has ok skills and is a good power athlete and highly rated junior. Could be anything really. Dangerfield is a power athlete who had to get his body right and still can't kick but works around it and is one of the leagues top players so there is no writing Dow off yet. I think he's going to be on the fringes and developing his game and body a lot this season but I feel when he gets fit, strong and bigger he'll be a decent player. I think we will see a moderate improvement from Dow but it's got to come from him really wanting it. Could be anything really but 2020 will be the season where we will know whether he's going to make it or not.

O'Brien - Just feel that if his body develops he could go to the next level. Seems competitive and keeps having games that tease us that he has ability but too often has quiet games. His good games are great and if he closes that gap he'll be a really good player. I'm thinking a small improvement from him will be seen but you never know. Will have a keen eye and if he takes to the physical side of AFL he'll go a long way.

Kennedy - If he improves on his feet and improves his running then he has a spot in the midfield and he has to IMO. Was great up forward but I feel needs to play midfield as well. We will know where he is going to be with his footy next season.

McKay - Had injuries and still had a decent season where his game went forward. Looking forward to seeing what he can do with a bit more size on his frame. His kicking was probably affected by some injuries. Expecting him to go next level.

McGovern - He's going to turn up fit and the bit of footy he played at the end of the year when he was half fit was good. Really want to see what he can do when he's fit. Very talented and is a genuine power athlete. Could be a handful if his running goes next level.

Stocker - He's the one I am most keen to see out of all our midfielders. I think he's a real complete package midfielder and when he gets his running up to scratch I think he will be our second best young midfielder behind Walsh. He seems pretty tough, skills look good, athleticism looks to have power and he's a great build for the game. He's the one I am most excited about because I think that he is a complete package. Second seasons can be tough but it seems he works hard and who knows. Could surprise a few. Depends how well his running games comes on though.

Cuningham - Showed enough to suggest he has a hell of a lot about his game early 2019. Kicked goals, kicked the hard ones, went into the midfield, has speed and he tackled well. Looks the ideal half forward who could develop into a midfielder. Just needs to stay fit.

Williamson - I still hold hope that he will grow out of his injuries and will become the good player he looked like becoming. He's at a great age.
would really make our backline if he came good but the position he plays needs a very fit player. Might take a while to build up his running ability. Half back means hard running both ways and covering serious ground.

Setterfield - Really keen to see what he could do when he's fit. Did really well last year. If he goes up a level then our midfield really is set. A little more size and a better fitness base is going to make him a good player.

Silvagni - We saw some really good stuff this season but I know he can go to higher levels. Bigger and stronger through the core, that will happen gradually with age, it's going to make him a hell of a good player and probably see him do more in the midfield. He should just keep improving his body and running ability and he'll just keep getting better.

Owies - Some interest in him. I think he's a good looking build. He kicks goals. Would love to see us try him in the midfield. There is something about him that I like.

Curnow - Charlie didn't play much last year and will have a delayed start to preseason. I don't think it will matter much. I think there's plenty to look forward to here.

Could not help to name a lot of players and that's only a good thing. Our list is in a good state and will get better. A lot of players who have a lot of upside, potential and are coming to an age where the potential should start to turn into results. If half these guys turn it on and go up a level or two we're going to be a strong side.


Sep 7, 2008
Planet Salma
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Dow and SPS own this thread.

Both have massive raps and need to step up in soooo many aspects of their respective games, Dow in particular for me and while not riding the kid off i am seriously worried he will be a bust at the top level if we do not work on his disposal and decision making.

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