Winston Abraham

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Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 18, 2014
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North Melbourne
Hahaha my mates use to bag out Clayton all the time when we were younger. Was the Sam Gibson of that era for sure. How someone could find so much space and still make atrocious decisions were actually quite amusing...still no hate on Clayton though. Makes games more interesting.
Had quite a journey. Played in Fitzroy's last ever side too from memory.


Former AE commish
Mar 20, 2001
L2 Ponsford
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North Melbourne
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Steelers, NY Mets and Shef U Blades
His goal against Collingwood. Need better HD vision of it. Just beautiful.
I was one of the very few OUT OF MY SEAT like there was an ejection button.. that was ONE OF THE ALL-TIME GREATEST GOALS EVER!!
SUBLIME is one superlative you can use without hesitation.

Puts McGuane's overated 'witches hat' drill in the 'ok but nothing special' box.

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King Corey

Jun 9, 2001
Windy Hill Safe Injecting Room
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North Melbourne
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St Johnstone
I remember all the trading talk for us in '97 being about Schwass/Grant.

Then the final day of trading arrives and we offload Anderson (modern value equivalent... Hansen circa 2017?) for Abraham (modern value equivalent... Betts circa 2013?).

Didn't mind Anderson but couldn't believe we'd snaffled Winnie out of the deal. And Winnie didn't disappoint!

You had a hard and high scoring premiership side still intact that maybe lacked a little ground level kapow...

..Nek minnit Winnie into the half-forward line, Choppy into the half-back line. Problem solved.

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