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  1. A

    How many times have you done a Dane Swan, Joel Smith, Elijah Hollands etc?

    Vote in the pole flogs
  2. Elmer_Judd

    Fixture Carlton Premiers 2024 Preview - No 4 Oliver 'Bergkamp' Hollands aka The Dutch Destroyer

    I honestly don't think its an exaggeration to suggest that Carlton's young buck Oli Hollands is as naturally talented and gifted as worldwide footballing legend Dennis Bergkamp The kid has all the tools, gut running ability and sheer talent to go down as an all time top 10 AFL player...
  3. Kings of Lygon

    Scandal Elijah Hollands (GC-Carlton): Posession of Illicit Substance

    Well, I guess If I'm going to start a thread about Joel Smith, might as well do the same for Hollands... Wonder if Carlton was made aware of this and it's why they got him for a packet of chips? Very curious that two drug stories drop the day AFTER the trade period...
  4. Aphrodite

    Senior 20. Elijah Hollands

    :carlton: Welcome Elijah :carlton: :thumbsu: Well done Nick Austin 👏 👏 👏 Double. Dutch. 🇳🇱 🇳🇱
  5. H

    Traded Elijah Hollands [Traded to Carlton with #28 & F4 for #26 and F3(Ess)]

    Jon Ralph reporting today that GCS are very open to offers on Hollands. I honestly think there has to be more to the story here. Pick 7 in the 2020 draft, was in the top group of elite prospects, even coming off an injury from memory. He would be a certainty to get to a Victorian club if that...
  6. Jeremias

    Toast Cowan & Hollands re-sign

    The good news keeps coming for these two!
  7. Jeremias

    Senior 4. Oliver Hollands

    Welcome to Carlton!
  8. D

    The sport has a new fan from Holland

    Hello all, i am lucky to come to this great country for a vacation. one of the first things that i did in my first week was visiting the game fremantle - Melbourne in the optus stadium. it was a great experience. I love sports, played soccer myself and now enjoy cycling. But afl is new for me...
  9. Jeremias

    Club Focus Carlton 2022 - Acres, Hollands, Cowan, Binns, Lemmey

    Data from footywire. To check the draft order see the thread here. Footywire says: "While we make every effort to keep up to date with player contracts, it is likely that our data may at times be out of date, incomplete or inaccurate. If you find any player contracts that need updating...
  10. MarcLocksCrustySock

    Toast Welcome to the SUNS Elijah Hollands

    189cm gun
  11. Elmer_Judd

    Was Ian Collins really wrong for citing Chris Grant and his strike on Nick Holland in 97 ?

    So sick of Bulldogs fans/players and indeed Chris Grant himself complaning about being hard done by. It's easy to say in hindsight, but the slow motion footage clearly shows that Grant hit the man, not the ball. The fact the original tribunal panel (at that time) let that incident fly...
  12. B

    You have to be blinds not to pick Hollands

    If we want a mid with some X factor some serious speed and acceleration go no further than Elijah Hollands. He can kick long goals is dual sided around Mid 180cm and has some self confidence. Look at young guns Game before GF to See how good this kid can be. Dad played for westies. May have...
  13. Lore

    Club Focus Gold Coast 2020 - Atkins, Markov, Hollands

    This is a Suns-specific version of the player contracts & statistics spreadsheet pinned to the top of this forum. It summarises your players' contract situations, experience, ages and heights. The data is from footywire, and the spreadsheet will update itself when footywire is updated. It may...
  14. Todman

    France’s Hollande gets court nod for 75% millionaire tax

    Paris: French president Francois Hollande received approval from the country’s constitutional court to proceed with his plan to tax salaries above €1 million at 75% for this year and next. Under Hollande’s proposal, companies will have to pay a 50% duty on wages above €1 million ($1.4 million)...
  15. Registered User

    Why did Nick Holland quit the players' union?

  16. Grimreepah

    Past Ben Holland (1995)

    Pick 19 in the 1994 AFL Draft
  17. Mars II

    Brodie Holland Kicks 8!

    JKCCL3y5aIw anybody remember this match?
  18. Leather Poisoning

    Thanks for the Memories No 1: Nick 'Dutchy' Holland

    First of a series of threads to get us through the off season in which we take a walk down memory name to acknowledge some of the great Hawthorn team men and contributors. First in the series is Nick Dutchy Holland: First picked up by the Hawks in the 1992 national draft at pick #14...
  19. X

    St. Failda and Holland

    Many similarities between these two. Key forward who screams to the umpires. And they can't win finals.
  20. djrossie16

    Epic Performances on Jools Holland

    The best multi/genre music live show going around is Later with Jools Holland. Plenty of new favorites are first seen on this show. What are some of the epic performances you've seen? On TV i remember seeing Gnarles Barkley playing a slowed down version of Crazy (epic) A performance of the Beta...