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  1. Elmer_Judd

    Fixture King 'Charles' Curnow 100 goal watch in 2024

    This King is a hybrid of Lebron James and Lionel Messi, and I think he is primed to be the first player since Budwah to kick a Ton (even before the finals) next season. He had the pedigree, talent and power to do it, especially being fed from maybe the best midfield the AFL has seen since the...
  2. Chief

    News Charlie Curnow: Back to Back Coleman Medals

    A few words after the game: Player/Club Goals Charlie Curnow (Carlton) 78 Taylor Walker (Adelaide) 76 Nick Larkey (North Melbourne) 71 Toby Greene (GWS) 60 Jeremy Cameron (Geelong) Charlie Cameron (Brisbane) Oscar Allen (West Coast) 53 Kyle Langford (Essendon) Joe Daniher...
  3. NewMelbournian

    Think Tank Is the AFL world ready to admit some truths about Charlie Curnow and Carlton FC?

    ...give Collingwood the number 1 position for now but no other team has a better claim than us to number 2 in the power rankings. 2. Charlie Curnow is the best player in the world. Look at the Coleman medal race and how far ahead he is of every other forward. No midfielder can claim that kind of...
  4. Chief

    News Rnd 17 - Curnow 100; Tuohy passes Jim Stynes; Riewoldt needs one goal - Milestones, suspensions, key stats

    ...150 games – Sam Day (Gold Coast SUNS), Christian Salem (Melbourne), Jayden Short (Richmond), Jack Steele (St Kilda) 100 games – Charlie Curnow (Carlton), Orazio Fantasia (Port Adelaide), Jeremy Finlayson (Port Adelaide), Nic Newman (Carlton), Alex Pearce (Fremantle) 100 games at two clubs –...
  5. Reg Grundy35

    Curnow and Ginnivan.

    ...regardless of how blatant. He is now at physical risk and some think that legitimate. How the hell can games be adjudicated like that? Then Curnow gets 6 - basically one for every marking contest he was in - whether there was any contact or not. I'm sure there are other examples of umpires...
  6. M

    Analysis Charlie Curnow Coleman watch 2023 edition

    Its the end of Round 7 and Charlie Curnow is on 30 goals and tracking for a Fevola (99 goals) by the end of Round 24 (and a century in the first week of Finals if we make it that far). He’s just kicked 9 against West Coast and he has one more game against them in Round 19. Jeremy Cameron is...
  7. Elmer_Judd

    Game Day The Crucifiction of North Melbourne by Charlie Curnow and the Gladiators of Carlton

    This one going to get ugly folks. Baggers by 123 points.
  8. V_23

    Mark Robinson correctly identifies Charlie Curnow as the number 1 player in the game

    So Mark Robinson just released his 2023 top 50 and no surprises that Charlie Curnow was crowned the number 1 player in the AFL. Leave your compliments and congratulations for Robbo and Charlie here.
  9. Aphrodite

    Toast Congratulations Charlie Curnow 2022 Coleman Medallist 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    💙 💙 💙 👑 Charles An incredible achievement!
  10. Elmer_Judd

    Toast Charlie 'The King of Princes Park' Curnow - 2022 AFL Coleman Medalist

    Get around him folks !!! Biased, but in my opinion he is the most amazing and inspiring story of this season Back to back Coleman Medalists from different players from the same club is something that has not happened in well over 120 plus years of The VFL/AFL i am reliably led to...
  11. ferrisb

    Toast Charlie Curnow signs on until 2029!!! Huge call given his injury history, but if he can stay fit and play like he has in 2022..... phwooaaaarrrrr. Seven more years of football ecstasy!!!
  12. Elmer_Judd

    Universal Love Charlie Curnow Coleman Medal Watch

    We had one for Harry last year, now (to me my total delight and surprise) our Charlie is closing in one his first, 4 goal lead over Jeremey Cameron with 4 games left in the least. Let's get our King over the line friends, and even if he falls just short, just so proud of Charlie, this is the...
  13. W

    Opinion Charlie Curnow Leap

    I thought about putting this in the injury thread but I believe it warrants its own discussion. It would be good to hear from people who have medical backgrounds and some knowledge of the matter. Charlie is running great. His agility and pace look as they were years ago. No discernible...
  14. Always Ballin

    Charlie Curnow could win Love Island

    100%. No doubt in my mind.
  15. demondavey

    Rumour Charlie Curnow to Richmond

    Stay tuned....
  16. Crippa#9

    Charlie Curnow - The Return!

    Some whispers about that Charlie may be in line to play half a game of footy this weekend in the VFL. Sam Edmund reporting on SEN this morning his sources say if not this weekend, definitely next weekend.
  17. Ed Curnow's Successor

    In a "perfect" world, this should be Ed Curnow's last season or two having just turned 31. Lets face it, he is clearly playing good footy so shouldn't be hanging up the boots any time soon and is the ultimate pro so will give him self every chance to play till he is 40 and we don't really have...
  18. Y

    Rumour Real reason for Charlie Curnow’s knee

    Edited: likes a party
  19. harry000


    Charlie Curnow's 2020 season is in doubt after he slipped and cracked his knee cap in half in another incident away from the Carlton Footy Club. He was most probably smoking a joint or drinking an alcohol before the incident. Once chelseacarlton sees this he will likely be in to liberally...
  20. B

    Player Watch Best young Key Forwards -Curnow,Hipwood,Naughton,McKay, King Brothers

    Who would you choose from this list of the best young key position forwards, Curnow, Hipwood, Naughton, McKay, King brothers?