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  1. Kurve

    Unsolved Disappearance Murder of 14yo Marilyn Wallman of McKay - INQUEST

    A new inquest will re-examine the disappearance of a schoolgirl in north Queensland, one of Australia's longest-standing cold cases. Marilyn Joy Wallman was 14 when she vanished from an isolated stretch of road in Mackay while riding her bicycle in March 1972. Only a fragment of bone from...
  2. VelvetSledge

    AFL Player #32: Ben "Buckets" McKay 🪣 - Modified running program related to a knee injury - 29/11

    Haven't seen the official confirmation yet but North got what they wanted and we got what we needed. Welcome aboard, big fella.
  3. Grand Uncle Horace

    Ben McKay - pivotal icing or rebuild player for a lucky Club

    Ben seems a terrific fella who is good with fans and especially kids. His record shows he is a more than decent contested mark and one on one defender against KPFs. As a RFA he has attracted the interest of several Clubs which is understandable. In normal circumstances, we would say good luck...
  4. D

    Moved Thread Himmelberg or McKay for $700k

    Both reportedly around the same money, but which is your preference?
  5. Chadwiko

    Harry McKay hit on Harry Sheezel

    At least a week, one would think. Especially given how the Logue and Acres appeals were adjudicated this week. High contact, high impact, behind the play...
  6. eth-dog

    VFL Senior #80 Solomon McKay

    Height: 187 cm Weight: 70 kg DOB: 26/12/2003 Recruited From: Bendigo Pioneers Position: Half Forward McKay played one game for us last year against Gold Coast.
  7. Duckworth

    Recruiting AFL Trade & Free Agency XI - McKay. Goldstein. Gresham. Duursma!

    SSP closes tomorrow. Seems we are likely to leave the spot open for the mid-season.
  8. Elmer_Judd

    Free Agency Ben McKay [Joins Essendon as RFA]

    I fully expect him to stay at North, but until he puts pen to paper, there will always be interest in one of the most valuable young KPD'a in the game.. You can pretty much count joining his brother Harry at Carlton out (no cap space) I would assume he would stay in Victoria, Collingwood...
  9. Chadwiko

    Recommitted Harry McKay [Re-signs through to end of 2030]

    Restricted free agent at the end of 2023, timed to coincide with his twin Ben. Lots of interest in him, and supposedly North are willing to pay a premium price for him according to some whispers in the media (see below). Carlton fans obviously won't want to see him go, but at the same time...
  10. SpiritOfCarlton

    McKay Last Quarter Specialist?

    I know this is cheeky. I used to do this stuff myself. But I have a bit of a feeling, a bit of an inkling, that Harry McKay gets better as the game goes on. Would love for someone to give an analysis of his second half and also his last quarter goals. I reckon he might be a late bloomer in...
  11. C

    Opinion Harry McKay and Ben McKay are the same person

    To keep this secret , they conspire to never meet as opponents in a match when “their” team is playing Has anyone ever seen “both”of them in the same room at the same time ? 7 straight seasons the secret rolls on Hmmmmmm
  12. M

    Harry Mckay 2021 AFL Match Worn Clash Guernsey Carlton Football

    Harry Mckay 2021 AFL Match Worn Clash Guernsey Carlton Football On Ebay
  13. Kurve

    Current The Murder of Shandee Blackburn - McKay *New investigative podcast by Hedley Thomas

    Shandee Blackburn, 23, died after being brutally stabbed more than 20 times in a targeted and deliberate attack while walking home after a shift at Harrup Park Country Club in Mackay, Queensland in February of 2013. She was just metres away from the house she shared with her mother Vicki when...
  14. McKay-Bulldogs.jpeg


  15. JustaBattler

    Harry McKay tells Hawforn, Norfs, Essendon and Shitney to all GOGF

    The most in-demand 23 yr old in the game and hot favourite to win the Coleman playing as the only forward in an injury-riddled Carlton has just reiterated the Club's philosophy - loud and clear " We are Carlton *uck the rest" Lets all laugh at the list of Clubs he just to chose to middle...
  16. james Dean

    Toast Congratulations Harry McKay - 2021 Coleman Medallist 🏅

    Let’s ride the big fella home. Currently has a 3 goal lead over Walker
  17. The Old Dark Navy's

    Autopsy Rd 6 Carlton v Brisbane - Walsh & McKay on fire *Cough*We Lost Again*Cough*

    3.5.23 - 2.3.15 5.7.37 - 9.9.63 9.11.65 - 13.12.90 12.13.85 - 15.13.103 Quarter Time Stats Half Time Stats 3 Quarter Time Stats Full Time Stats
  18. ferrisb

    Club History David "Swan" McKay elevated to Carlton Legend status Yep, definitely a legend!
  19. GatesOfHell

    Recommitted Harry McKay [re-signed to 2023]

    ...take up $2mil of their cap in 2021. - One of Brayshaw or Viney will be put on the table as a makeweight in the deal. - Make of it what you will but you heard it here first. The Dees see McKay as the last piece of the puzzle in a sustained presence in the top eight and a genuine premiership...