1. cats_09

    VFL Geelong VFL 2022

    It seems it was only 10 days or so ago that we were discussing our 2021 season, but now it's time to turn our attention to season 2022 And good to see the club has been busy in the offseason and first up is welcoming the newest member of our VFL squad
  2. AnUltimateRessie

    VFL Footscray Bulldogs - VFL 2022 Pre-Season Update

    2022 Pre-Season Update - Footscray Bulldogs The Footscray Bulldogs have lacked big signing news so far this pre-season but have confirmed one Ex-AFL player that will join the Bulldogs in 2022 while a range of other players has departed to other clubs for further opportunity. Footscray was named...
  3. jmac91

    Vic Clubs Playing Games at Old Home Grounds

    Now I might be pushing this but, with recent talk of the Bulldog's Expanding The Western Oval and talks of them playing 'heritage' games there. Should Victoria Clubs, and AFL clubs in general, play 'heritage' games at their old Grounds. Yes this might be a bit outrageous but I kind of like the...
  4. P

    1981 - Port Adelaide vs Richmond Trial Game Scores

    Hi everyone! Does anyone have the quarter-by-quarter scores for the famous Port Adelaide vs Richmond trial game played at Alberton Oval in 1981? Thank you.
  5. P

    1990 AFL Bid - Unanswered Questions

    Hi guys! With the 1990 AFL bid saga occurring a bit before my time on Earth, I'm just wondering if anyone could help answer a few questions. 1. Did members a vote actually take place or was it squashed by the legal injunctions? 2. Despite the 1990 Heads of Agreement securing the "prison bars"...
  6. The Speaker

    Discussion Differences between the leagues

    One of the many frustrations stemming from the VFL/AFL monolith for footy historians is that small differences between the major leagues are now almost entirely forgotten to the general populace. Whatever was taken as standard practice from the VFL is now often assumed to be standard practice...
  7. Zoops

    Portfolio State League Redesigns

    Over time I've created multiple state league designs and expansion clubs, I'll start with the SANFL and try to make my way around to every state league. WAFL, NEAFL, VFL etc... I'll start with North Adelaide since everyone is talking about them. I wanted to see the Candy Stripes return for at...
  8. Port Adelaide 1870

    Brisbane Lions - Fitzroy Football Club - 1904 Colourized image of Fitzroy

    Hi Guy, I have not been on these forums for several years, been very busy in business, however,for those that know me, also know I have a real passion of colourization of old black and white photos and am an amateur historian from way-back. I've colourized the 1904 Fitzroy Football Club Photo...
  9. jmac91

    Portfolio VFL 2019

    VFL 2019 What if the VFL never became the national competition and stayed a state wide competition? What if the Swans and the Lions never Relocated? What if local footy fans came in their thousands every week to support their team? The Year is 2019 and the VFL is the footy competition to be in...
  10. fumbler

    What happens to the State Leagues with the return of the Reserves?

    With the rumoured return of the AFL Reserves I think it's a great idea and never fully understood why it was halted in the first place. The unevenness of the current setup for the AFL non Victorian sides was huge and was unfair for them to be playing in State competitions with sides that were in...
  11. S

    Each club's biggest first round draft flops

    In our last piece, we highlighted the hidden treasures clubs had found from the 3rd Round and beyond. That is where the niceties end towards recruitment teams though as today we apply the blow-torch to clubs and list your clubs biggest First Round Flop and why. We appreciate hindsight is a...
  12. S

    Top 10 AFL/VFL finals of the 1990s

    Countdown list (10 to 1) of the best AFL/VFL finals from the 1990s: http://bit.ly/2vrwoiX Will never forget #1. Brilliant day for any Blues and/or non-Bomber fan. A terrible day for the faithful from Windy Hill. Agree/disagree? Discuss...
  13. S

    Game Day Top 10 VFL finals from the 1980s

    Countdown list (10 to 1) of the best VFL finals from the 1980s Fantastic trip down memory lane. Agree/disagree? Discuss...
  14. B

    Tac cup to vfl transfer rules

    Can anyone tell me how many players are allowed to transfer from Tac Cup team to there non aligned VFL club. For instance players from Sandringham dragons can go directly to VFL club sandringham no problem,but i have been told that if Sandringham dragons players want to go to Willamstown for...
  15. wizardwaffle

    Resource VFL/A Teams and Jumpers

    Here is my collection of all the VFL/A Teams and Jumpers. Firstly here are the teams that have competed in the VFL/A. Here is the Premiers of each years competition. Teams will be listed with Today's teams listed first, then they will be listed down in order they joined the competition...
  16. wizardwaffle

    Resource VFA/VFL Jumpers [image heavy thread]

    Here is my collection of all the VFL/A Teams and Jumpers. Firstly here are the teams that have competed in the VFL/A. Those highlighted in gold are those 21 clubs that are currently competing in the Victorian Football League. Here is the Premiers of each years competition. Where two teams are...
  17. Spongebob

    VFL Almost closed by corporate regulator 1986

    7 clubs insolvent, league not going at all well http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/saving-football-new-documents-reveal-how-close-the-vfl-came-to-shutting-down-20160408-go1x0m.html Eagles and Lions helped save the VFL
  18. eth-dog

    VFL Senior #76 Bruno Laguda

    Height: 185cm Weight: 71kg DOB: 14/04/1997 Position: Defender Recruited From: Calder Cannons Made his VFL debut yesterday.
  19. dazbroncos

    2nds VFL Rd3 North Ballarat Vs Geelong Bankers Friday 22nd April Eureka Oval 7:00pm

    After a close loss last week the Bankers head to Ballarat Friday night . Seems that Vardy has been cleared to play again after last week. Josh Cowan is being tested after Hammy tightness and no signs of Cunico. Bille Smedts will bring the #2 back to footy this weekend after a serious...