Game Day 2019 Draft - now with poll!

So how did we do?

  • A+ - nailed it

  • A - really great

  • B - pretty good

  • C - okay

  • D - could have been better

  • E - could have been a lot better

  • F - terrible!

Results are only viewable after voting.

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Brownlow Medallist
Apr 22, 2007
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T.Swift Huddersfield Town AUFC
I asked a mod to start one, so everyone could see it but alas here we are!

I'm hoping Gold Coast throw a massive spanner in the works and call out Green at pick 2, all the clubs would lose their minds!!

Imagine if Melbourne still pick Jackson and Anderson is there at 4, oh boy would Hamish be pissed!.

Any way excited none the less interested to see who Freo select... and to a lesser extent Geelong and Port, reckon we'll have two picks tonight not just one

Let's do this ladies and gents!

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