2021 Fixture

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Club Legend
Oct 9, 2014
AFL Club
Gotta play them at some point.

Away game against Carlton at the MCG is good.

Double ups against Essendon, Richmond, Adelaide, Freo and Melbourne.

10 MCG games.

Liking it :thumbsu:
A pretty good Double up selection, 4 teams that didn't make the 8 from last yr. Granted a few will improve.

-The first month is very tough both G.f teams and a Perth trip.
Always better to play the good teams early correct! A lil bit stiff to play them back to back.
It does give the coaches a chance to have us firing early it will be important! i would take a 2-2. 3-1 would be a awesome start.


Senior List
Jun 27, 2009
AFL Club
In terms of ease of opponents it’s probably the best fixture we’ve had in 10 plus years. We might not get a heap of blockbuster time slots but the last few years we haven’t really deserved them
Out of interest, where are these easy wins? I can count 6 games I'd consider better than 50/50 to win. If we don't win round 1 we won't be winning until round 6. If we split our games Vs Bombers, Adelaide, Freo winning only home games we're likely a bottom four team again. Just where we are at right now. I'll be hoping to see development from our boys.. That's what excites me for the season 2021, and a crack at a highly rated draft .


Premiership Player
May 12, 2010
AFL Club
Pretty good fixture overall. Good points for mine:

10 games at the G
Home games against at the G v Tigers, Bombers, Lions and Pies
Away v Carlton at G
Tassie games should yield 3 wins
Perth and Adelaide games against the weaker sides from that state.
Double ups v Crows, Freo, Dees and Bombers

Bad points:
Easter Monday should be our home game
Consecutive trips to Shitney and no home game against either love child
Port game at Marvel where we lose home ground advantage
Two games v Tigers

Could go either way:
Playing Tigers and Cats early
Darwin game (recovery could be an issue)


Premium Gold
May 11, 2008
AFL Club
Easter Monday should be our home game
Should it though? If it had been our turn to host it in 2020 and we missed out on the MCG ticket sales would we not think it was fair that we get the chance to host it again this year to make up for it?

There's likely to be a limited crowd allowed for it in 2021 anyway. We'll get to enjoy the fruits of a hopefully non-limited crowd capacity in 2022 now.


Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 16, 2007
AFL Club
Why doesn't Jeff come out & say what a cluster F##K this is!
We were screwed during 2020 re:- the fixture ( & most years ) & now this?
2 big clubs at a piss ant capacity stadium!
Play the Freo. v Melb. over there in Perth & swap the West coast - Gold coast the other way. Fixed easy!
Out last game in Melb with crowds was roughies farewell game in 2019! yes that far back.
We'd get a minimum 70k at the G v Essendon Rd.1 if crowds are at full capacity. Plus as stated we haven't had a home v Ess. for an eternity!
Don't tell me the AFL aren't sticking it to us OK!
Enough is a fu**n enough!
If the club doesn't come out & shame headquarters, seriously punters are going to pull up stumps.
This is probably the AFL's agenda for us anyways!
Its Essendon's home game. They are playing it at their home ground. End of story

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All Australian
Jun 13, 2019
AFL Club
Am really happy with our draw- first time in a long while I haven''t felt that we've been slightly screwed over by the draw.
The more we play at the 'G/Tas the better and we have heaps of both! Really keen to get to a lot of footy in 2021 :)


All Australian
Aug 16, 2009
Behind you
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looks like a good fixture to me. Fair teams to double up against and not a whole lot of interstate travel. Though just after the bye we have to go to Sydney twice in 3 weeks but if thats as bad as it gets, we can count ourselves lucky.

Now we just have to uncover a couple of players, work hard, find cohesion with the new players and then work harder... easy.


Premium Gold
May 11, 2008
AFL Club
Happy overall, but not sure too many bottom 4 sides ever get scheduled to play the reigning premier twice.
Carlton won the spoon in 2018 and Richmond the flag minor premiers. They doubled up in 2019. Didn't check any other years.
Brisbane 17th in 2016, Bulldogs premiers. They doubled up in 2017.

I think we did well with our over double ups. Wouldn't mind seeing how we compare to the reigning premiers both early and late in the season. Hopefully we can see some big improvements.
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Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 1, 2010
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Everton FC
Not a bad fixture at all. Shame Richmond doesn't swap with Geelong for the double up.

10 MCG games is good. 1 home game at Marvel is standard.

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Sep 13, 2000
Melbourne cricket ground. Australia
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I didn't think our draw was too bad. Starts off pretty tough.

As for most of the rest of you, all I'm reading is... rant... rant... fixture... rant... spit.... curse....
‘it’s the way of the world. Like grand final entertainment. It could be the best performance in history, and it would still be slammed (unlikely I know)

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