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Not sure if a there is a dedicated thread to this.

Bit of an early analysis on 2022 Draft prospects by someone else on another thread.

1. George Wardlaw - mid - 181cm Oakleigh - inside mid who is as tough as nails and has a desire to win the contest, reminds me of a smaller version of Clayton Oliver
2. Will Ashcroft (Bris F/S) - mid - 183cm Sandringham - classy inside mid, partnered well with the blue collar Wardlaw on the inside and has a lovely kick with good decision making skills
3. Adam D'Aloia - mid - 184cm WWT - a tough ball magnet, contested inside mid who played well at u17 champs and then helped a weakened SA midfield in the u19 champs, ending up one of the best handful in the u19 champs in 2021.
4. Elijah Tsatas - mid - 184cm Oakleigh - outside/inside mid, beautiful disposal and some good pace, plays more uncontested footy so wing could be his role in the AFL
5. Jhye Clark - mid - 188cm Geelong - inside mid with some toughness and solid build for a junior, goes for his contested marks with no fear and decent disposal
6. Elijah Hewett - mid - 182cm Swan Dist - got better and better each state game he played, ended up having a huge influence on the WAFL Colts GF Victory too, really strong influence in a few games has him rising up the draft boards this year.
7. Oliver Hollands - mid - 182cm Murray - looked like the most dangerous and clever mid for Vic Country and seemed to have a tag, brother of Elijah Hollands
8. Harry Lemmey - kpf - 199cm 199cm - didnt really shine at the u17 champs, but has since played in the SANFL and in the u19 state series to rise in peoples rankings with some good performances
9. Isaac Keeler - kpf/ruck - 197cm Nth Adel - has alot of talent, reminds me of a young Paddy Ryder, can play ruck or forw, but reports are that he might lack motivation? but he has the talent to go top 10, so we'll see how he performs in his draft year

10. Harry Sheezel - forw - 183cm Sandringham - dangerous small forward for Vic Metro, a bit of x-factor about how he plays, when he is on, watch out.
11. Jed Hagan - mid - 174cm East Frem - one of those small blokes who can play mid or half back, will get under rated because of his size, but he can play
12. Blake Drury - mid - 175cm Oakleigh - was one of Vic Metros best in their series against Vic Country and is another of those small mids that can play good footy
13. Max Michaelanny - def/kpd - 190cm Norw - reports are he could be linked to Adel as a F/S, quality medium/tall def, plays taller than he is
14. Matthew Jefferson - kpf - 193cm Oakleigh - the best KPF for Vic Metro, good leading patterns and strong mark, looks decently athletic
15. Jackson Broadbent - ruck - 202cm Peel - really strongly built ruckman, could ruck in the AFL as a 16 year old, competitive, strong, dominant

16. Sam Gilbey - def - 185cm Clare - slim intercepting half back with a bit of speed and run from half back, loves to take opponents on.
17. Kane Bevan - mid - 192cm West Perth - strongly built tough mid who has the cleanest ball handling skills i have seen for a junior, strong mark and clean pick up off the ground
18. Seth Campbell - forw - 179cm Tas - was a player i had noticed with Cowan but didnt really get on board until he tore Qld apart with 4 goals and sublime skills, so now i have him in my top 30, Josh Rachele type mid, but maybe a little less polished
19. Kobe Ryan - mid - 182cm West Adel - first game i saw him play was as a poor half back, then later saw him play in his more natural role as an inside mid where he accumulates and spreads the ball with run kind've like Parish but he is smaller/slimmer and not so clean, i like him, but i don't love him as a prospect
20. Jedd Busslinger - kpd/def - 195cm East Perth - even though he is 195cm he plays more 3rd man in defence, he likes to intercept and take the cross field kick, he is more an attacking defender from what i can remember
21. Jasper Fletcher (Bris F/S) - mid - ?cm Bris A - smooth moving winger, he looked quick in the u19 game he played this year, made good decisions and seemed to fit in with people 2 years older than he was
22. Jaiden Magor - mid - 185cm South Adel - have seen him play a bunch of games last year and this year, has the talent, but doesnt always produce
23. Jonti Schuback - def - 183cm Gipps - had a dominant game as a half back in the 2nd of the Vic Country V Vic Metro games, he was everywhere
24. Olivier Northam - kpf - 195cm Geelong - had a good game for Vic Country in the state series and looks to be a player who could develop, also had a couple of good games for Geelong Falcons, one to look out for
25. Levi Fyfe (GCS A) - mid - ?cm GCS A - the best player on the ground for Qld in the u17 game played in 2021, by a mile, talented hard running tough mid/flanker
26. Alwyn Davey Jnr (Ess F/S) - forw - ?cm - i have yet to see him play, but big wraps on his school footy form, kicking a few bags.
27. Jack Cleaver - mid/def - 187cm East Frem - strong bodied flanker/mid, up and down form makes it hard to rate him, but i like aspects of his game
28. Luke Michael - def - 185cm West Perth - tough defender who dominated u17's but struggled a little against the u19's
29. Lachlan Cowan - def/mid - 187cm Tas - athletic half back/mid from Tassie, similar to Sam Banks who got picked up by Richmond this year, good user of the footy
30. Luke Teal - def - 188cm Oakleigh - good intercept defender who makes good decisions and uses the footy well.

if i have time i might write little write ups about the other guys i have listed outside the top 30.
other players i wanted to write about:

Harvey Howe - 200cm Gipps - looked like he out classed all of Vic Metro's rucks in their series, kindve like Conway this year expect him to be looked at in the 2nd round imo
Harry Barnett - 201cm West Adel - has played ruck and forward, looks better as a forw, got beaten as a ruck, could develop in his draft year

Koby Cockshell - 190cm South Adel - has great athleticism for a KPP, up and down in form, can look amazing one minute and be frustrating the next, see how he develops
Anthony Munkara - 190cm Tiwi - is doing some special things in NT, could be an exciting talent if he performs against better opponents
Luke Brown - 199cm Clare - is getting a lot of hype out of WA, we'll see how he develops in his draft year
James Van Es - 195cm GWV - competitive full back who got some love in the u17 champs from people on bigfooty
Nick Saddler - 179cm Sturt - consistent performer for SA, reliable mid
Tyson Walls - 172cm Norw - had a good run of games in the mid, a bit of a smaller mid
Noah Long - 178cm Bendigo - small inside mid that partnered Hollands well in the VC midfield
Kai Windsor - 178cm Eastern - was a good mid for Vic Metro, in the best 10 for Vic Metro in the u17's
Mitch Szybkowski - 185cm Dand - another strong bodied mid for Vic Country, solid performer
Darcy Jones - 173cm Swan Dist - had a great WAFL Colts GF performance and looks a talent, nuggety small inside mid with good decion making skills
Conrad Williams (Frem NGA) - 182cm Clare - looks like a good winger for the Dockers, good run and carry with pace
Ed Allan - 191cm Clare - only saw the one game, but he gives it his all and is a good player, im interested to see how he goes next year
Matthew Payne - 180cm West - quality little player for Vic Metro, could be rated higher, but i want to see how he goes next year
Jack O'Sullivan - 176cm Oakleigh - had a good game for Vic Country
Matthaes Phillipou - 188cm WWT - looked like a skillful player, was a bit up and down in form in the state series
Brayden George - 185cm Murray - good forw from Vic Country, kicked a few goals and looked like a good prospect as a medium forw
Jacob Konstanty - 184cm Gipps - i probably should have him in my top 30, he is a quality forward who constantly kicks goals
Aaron Cadman - 192cm GWV - strong defender who was reliable, smart and tough
Cooper Vickery - 180cm Gipps - another medium sized defender from Vic Country who stood out as a quality player


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I was really impressed by Kobe Ryan and don't share your thoughts. He's tough and strong for his size. Looks a natural, clean footballer who makes good decisions especially in close.

Haven't seen much of anyone else.

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