Review 2022 AFL Draft - Pre-season and Rookie drafts @ 3pm

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Lloyd Johnston (Gold Coast) – Northern Academy
Nick Madden (GWS) – Northern Academy
Will Edwards (Sydney) – Northern Academy
Anthony Munkara (Essendon) – NGA
Joshua Draper (Fremantle) – NGA
Conrad Williams (Fremantle) – NGA
Joshua Bennetts (Hawthorn) – NGA
Ted Clohesy (Geelong) – NGA
Nathan Barkla (Port Adelaide) – NGA
Angus McLennan (St Kilda) – NGA
Jordyn Baker (West Coast) – NGA
Tyrell Dewar (West Coast) – NGA
Shadeau Brain (Brisbane) – QLD zone
Jason Gillbee (GWS) – NSW zone
Osca Riccardi (Geelong) – father-son

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Scaife not taken!
Can only have two Cat B rookies.

Essendon might have taken Carlos Egan if we had to match a Munkara bid.

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I wonder which Lion Academy player (pony) the Dogs will pick?
Wanted Shadeau Brain just so we'd have the best name in the comp on our list, but you managed to secure him late yesterday

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