Portfolio 2023 AFL Premiership Season

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Taking notes of policy re: bikini/lingerie images
May 26, 2017
Uruguayana, RS (BRA)
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Other Teams
Grêmio, DC United, Indians (MLB)
Tuesday January 23rd 2023

Welcome to season 2023. After a long off season, footy is finally coming back to the fans delight. Since the beginning of 2020 the world has seen a different AFL. Covid affected all of the 2020 and 2021 seasons. But as we moved into 2022 Covid started to become a thing of the past and footy would be back to normal, or so we thought.

Heading into the season Gillon McLachlan announced the removal of pre season, AFL only available on TVs in major cities and the removal of all AFL games at all home games played in Tasmania, Canberra, Ballarat and the Northern Territory. For the next 8 rounds teams and supporters weren't enjoying this new AFL and hoped for a revival. So all 18 teams took the initiative, and went on strike. They protested for months trying to remove these changes and especially remove McLachlan. Eventually the season was cancelled with no winner. McLachlan was fired on the 27th of July, bringing an end to his 8 years in power.

On the same day it was announced that young football loving businessman Super C. Giants was to take the reign of AFL Chief Executive Officer. His claim was to fix football for good. Now we sit here 224 days later, with 6 new teams, a new AFLX and Magic Round, and a happy worldwide fanbase.

In the upcoming weeks, fixture are to released, teams will unveil new kits, the 6 new team identities will be revealed and a supposed new AFL logo is set to arrive. All I can say is I would be looking forward to this season, it will be one of the best the AFL has seen in years.

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Where are the dolphins from?

Redcliffe, of course!



Credit to https://sportstemplates.net/product/jersey-texture-mockup/

Since we are at it, could we fix the AFLX playing field? Footy is not made for a rectangular pitch. It actually should look something like this:

Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 09.50.01.png


As long as Giants win
Aug 7, 2021
North of the South, South of the North
AFL Club
Why don't you use threadmarks? This can be your "Reader Mode" OP.


Redcliffe, of course!


Since we are at it, could we fix the AFLX playing field? Footy is not made for a rectangular pitch. It actually should look something like this:

Thanks for the tips!, but I 'm keeping AFLX on the rectangle, I sorta prefer it for AFLX.


Magpies Tragic and Odd Stats Enthusiast
Oct 14, 2021
AFL Club
Other Teams
Hobart Hurricanes
I feel like this may be an unpopular opinion, but i kinda like the GWS AFLX kit. Like the all-orange and the echoing G's. GWS should hire you as their guernsey designer!!

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As long as Giants win
Aug 7, 2021
North of the South, South of the North
AFL Club
Well that's it! After taking 4 months and 2 days to make, the portfolio finally ends... Well at least the designs do. As mentioned in the first post I will be running a fake competition using dice footy to see who would win the 2023 season for the reason of I feel like it. And to make it easier for people to view the portfolio, I will chuck everything on Imgur tomorrow and just have the link to one post for each team on there so you don't have to scroll or swipe forever.


As long as Giants win
Aug 7, 2021
North of the South, South of the North
AFL Club

Thursday March 9th 2023 7:50pmRichmond TigersVNorth Melbourne KangaroosMCGThursday March 16th 2023 7:50pmHawthorn HawksVTasmania DevilsMCG
Friday March 10th 2023 5:30pmBallarat MinersVSt. Kilda SaintsMars StadiumFriday March 17th 2023 5:30pmNorth Melbourne KangaroosVSt. Kilda SaintsMarvel Stadium
Friday March 10th 2023 7:50pmNorthern CrocodilesVNewcastle DolphinsTIO StadiumFriday March 17th 2023 7:50pmCollingwood MagpiesVNorthern CrocodilesMCG
Saturday March 11th 2023 1:45pmAdelaide CrowsVCollingwood MagpiesAdelaide OvalSaturday March 18th 2023 1:45pmWest Coast EaglesVRichmond TigersOptus Stadium
Saturday March 11th 2023 2:30pmTasmania DevilsVWest Coast EaglesUTAS StadiumSaturday March 18th 2023 2:30pmCairns TropicsVAdelaide CrowsCazaly's Stadium
Saturday March 11th 2023 4:35pmGWS GiantsVCairns TropicsGiants StadiumSaturday March 18th 2023 4:35pmNewcastle DolphinsVBallarat MinersMcDonald Jones Stadium
Saturday March 11th 2023 7:30pmGeelong CatsVHawthorn HawksGMHBA StadiumSaturday March 18th 2023 7:30pmMelbourne DemonsVGWS GiantsMCG
Saturday March 11th 2023 7:50pmBrisbane LionsVMelbourne DemonsGabbaSaturday March 18th 2023 7:50pmEssendon BombersVGeelong CatsMarvel Stadium
Sunday March 12th 2023 1:10pmGold Coast SunsVEssendon BombersMetricon StadiumSunday March 19th 2023 1:10pmFremantle DockersVBrisbane LionsOptus Stadium
Sunday March 12th 2023 3:20pmPort Adelaide PowerVFremantle DockersAdelaide OvalSunday March 19th 2023 3:20pmCarlton BluesVGold Coast SunsIkon Park
Sunday March 12th 2023 4:35pmCanberra CapitalsVCarlton BluesManuka OvalSunday March 19th 2023 4:35pmSydney SwansVPort Adelaide PowerSCG
Sunday March 12th 2023 6:35pmWestern BulldogsVSydney SwansMarvel StadiumSunday March 19th 2023 6:35pmWestern BulldogsVCanberra CapitalsMarvel Stadium
Thursday March 23rd 2023 7:50pmRichmond TigersVHawthorn HawksMCGThursday March 30th 2023 7:50pmMelbourne DemonsVNorthern CrocodilesMCG
Friday March 24th 2023 5:30pmNewcastle DolphinsVCollingwood MagpiesMcDonald Jones StadiumFriday March 31st 2023 5:30pmWest Coast EaglesVNorth Melbourne KangaroosOptus Stadium
Friday March 24th 2023 7:50pmBrisbane LionsVSydney SwansGabbaFriday March 31st 2023 8:30pmEssendon BombersVRichmond TigersLondon Stadium
Saturday March 25th 2023 1:45pmNorthern CrocodilesVCairns TropicsTIO StadiumSaturday April 1st 2023 1:45pmCairns TropicsVNewcastle DolphinsCazaly's Stadium
Saturday March 25th 2023 2:30pmBallarat MinersVNorth Melbourne KangaroosMars StadiumSaturday April 1st 2023 2:30pmCanberra CapitalsVBrisbane LionsManuka Oval
Saturday March 25th 2023 4:35pmAdelaide CrowsVMelbourne DemonsAdelaide OvalSaturday April 1st 2023 4:35pmSydney SwansVGWS GiantsSCG
Saturday March 25th 2023 7:30pmTasmania DevilsVEssendon BombersBlundstone ArenaSaturday April 1st 2023 7:30pmCarlton BluesVTasmania DevilsMCG
Saturday March 25th 2023 7:50pmGeelong CatsVCarlton BluesGMHBA StadiumSaturday April 1st 2023 8:00pmFremantle DockersVAdelaide CrowsLondon Stadium
Sunday March 26th 2023 1:10pmGWS GiantsVFremantle DockersGiants StadiumSunday April 2nd 2023 1:10pmCollingwood MagpiesVBallarat MinersVictoria Park
Sunday March 26th 2023 3:20pmSt Kilda SaintsVWest Coast EaglesMarvel StadiumSunday April 2nd 2023 3:20pmPort Adelaide PowerVGold Coast SunsAdelaide Oval
Sunday March 26th 2023 4:35pmGold Coast SunsVWestern BulldogsMetricon StadiumSunday April 2nd 2023 4:35pmHawthorn HawksVSt Kilda SaintsMCG
Sunday March 26th 2023 6:35pmPort Adelaide PowerVCanberra CapitalsAdelaide OvalSunday April 2nd 2023 6:35pmWestern BulldogsVGeelong CatsMarvel Stadium
Thursday April 6th 2023 7:50pmRichmond TigersVCarlton BluesMCGThursday April 13th 2023 7:50pmSydney SwansVNorthern CrocodilesSCG
Friday April 7th 2023 4:30pmNorth Melbourne KangaroosVHawthorn HawksMarvel StadiumFriday April 14th 2023 5:30pmEssendon BombersVNorth Melbourne KangaroosMarvel Stadium
Friday April 7th 2023 7:50pmTasmania DevilsVWestern BulldogsBlundstone ArenaFriday April 14th 2023 7:50pmCairns TropicsVBallarat MinersCazaly's Stadium
Saturday April 8th 2023 1:45pmNewcastle DolphinsVMelbourne DemonsMcDonald Jones StadiumSaturday April 15th 2023 1:45pmPort Adelaide PowerVTasmania DevilsAdelaide Oval
Saturday April 8th 2023 2:30pmNorthern CrocodilesVFremantle DockersTIO Traeger ParkSaturday April 15th 2023 2:30pmWestern BulldogsVRichmond TigersMarvel Stadium
Saturday April 8th 2023 4:35pmGWS GiantsVCanberra CapitalsRobertson OvalSaturday April 15th 2023 4:35pmHawthorn HawksVWest Coast EaglesMCG
Saturday April 8th 2023 7:30pmBrisbane LionsVGold Coast SunsGabbaSaturday April 15th 2023 7:30pmBrisbane LionsVGeelong CatsGabba
Saturday April 8th 2023 7:50pmAdelaide CrowsVSydney SwansAdelaide OvalSaturday April 15th 2023 7:50pmFremantle DockersVNewcastle DolphinsOptus Stadium
Sunday April 9th 2023 1:10pmSt Kilda SaintsVEssendon BombersMarvel StadiumSunday April 16th 2023 1:10pmGold Coast SunsVGWS GiantsMetricon Stadium
Sunday April 9th 2023 3:20pmCollingwood MagpiesVCairns TropicsMCGSunday April 16th 2023 3:20pmCanberra CapitalsVAdelaide CrowsManuka Oval
Sunday April 9th 2023 4:35pmBallarat MinersVWest Coast EaglesMars StadiumSunday April 16th 2023 4:35pmCarlton BluesVSt Kilda SaintsIkon Park
Monday April 10th 2023 5:35pmGeelong CatsVPort Adelaide PowerGMHBA StadiumSunday April 16th 2023 6:35pmMelbourne DemonsVCollingwood MagpiesMCG
Thursday April 20th 2023 7:50pmWest Coast EaglesVNorth Melbourne KangaroosOptus StadiumThursday April 27th 2023 7:50pmSydney SwansVCollingwood MagpiesSCG
Friday April 21st 2023 5:30pmGWS GiantsVGeelong CatsGiants StadiumFriday April 28th 2023 5:30pmCanberra CapitalsVNewcastle DolphinsManuka Oval
Friday April 21st 2023 7:50pmCollingwood MagpiesVFremantle DockersMCGFriday April 28th 2023 7:50pmPort Adelaide PowerVSt Kilda SaintsAdelaide Oval
Saturday April 22nd 2023 1:45pmCairns TropicsVMelbourne DemonsRiverway StadiumSaturday April 29th 2023 1:45pmGWS GiantsVTasmania DevilsGiants Stadium
Saturday April 22nd 2023 2:30pmTasmania DevilsVBrisbane LionsUTAS StadiumSaturday April 29th 2023 2:30pmWestern BulldogsVNorth Melbourne KangaroosMarvel Stadium
Saturday April 22nd 2023 4:35pmNewcastle DolphinsVSydney SwansMcDonald Jones StadiumSaturday April 29th 2023 4:35pmBrisbane LionsVRichmond TigersGabba
Saturday April 22nd 2023 7:30pmRichmond TigersVPort Adelaide PowerMCGSaturday April 29th 2023 7:30pmGeelong CatsVAdelaide CrowsGMHBA Stadium
Sunday April 23rd 2023 1:10pmNorthern CrocodilesVCanberra CapitalsTIO StadiumSaturday April 29th 2023 7:50pmFremantle DockersVCairns TropicsOptus Stadium
Sunday April 23rd 2023 3:20pmBallarat MinersVHawthorn HawksMars StadiumSunday April 30th 2023 1:10pmCarlton BluesVWest Coast EaglesMCG
Sunday April 23rd 2023 4:35pmAdelaide CrowsVGold Coast SunsAdelaide OvalSunday April 30th 2023 3:20pmGold Coast SunsVNorthern CrocodilesMetricon Stadium
Monday April 24th 2023 7:30pmSt Kilda SaintsVWestern BulldogsMarvel StadiumSunday April 30th 2023 4:35pmEssendon BombersVHawthorn HawksMarvel Stadium
Tuesday April 25th 2023 2:45pmEssendon BombersVCarlton BluesMCGSunday April 30th 2023 6:35pmMelbourne DemonsVBallarat MinersMCG
Thursday May 4th 2023 7:50pmHawthorn HawksVCarlton BluesMCGThursday May 11th 2023 7:50pmAdelaide CrowsVRichmond TigersAdelaide Oval
Friday May 5th 2023 5:30pmCollingwood MagpiesVCanberra CapitalsMCGFriday May 12th 2023 5:30pmSydney SwansVMelbourne DemonsSCG
Friday May 5th 2023 7:50pmWest Coast EaglesVWestern BulldogsOptus StadiumFriday May 12th 2023 7:50pmGeelong CatsVNewcastle DolphinsGMHBA Stadium
Saturday May 6th 2023 1:45pmCairns TropicsVSydney SwansRiverway StadiumSaturday May 13th 2023 1:45pmGold Coast SunsVCollingwood MagpiesMetricon Stadium
Saturday May 6th 2023 2:30pmNewcastle DolphinsVGold Coast SunsMcDonald Jones StadiumSaturday May 13th 2023 2:30pmFremantle DockersVBallarat MinersOptus Stadium
Saturday May 6th 2023 4:35pmNorthern CrocodilesVGeelong CatsTIO StadiumSaturday May 13th 2023 4:35pmTasmania DevilsVNorthern CrocodilesBlundstone Arena
Saturday May 6th 2023 7:30pmRichmond TigersVGWS GiantsMCGSaturday May 13th 2023 7:30pmCarlton BluesVEssendon BombersIkon Park
Saturday May 6th 2023 7:50pmBallarat MinersVEssendon BombersMars StadiumSaturday May 13th 2023 7:50pmBrisbane LionsVNorth Melbourne KangaroosGabba
Sunday May 7th 2023 1:10pmNorth Melbourne KangaroosVPort Adelaide PowerMarvel StadiumSunday May 14th 2023 11:00amPort Adelaide PowerVWest Coast EaglesSofi Stadium
Sunday May 7th 2023 3:20pmAdelaide CrowsVTasmania DevilsAdelaide OvalSunday May 14th 2023 2:00pmGWS GiantsVSt Kilda SaintsSofi Stadium
Sunday May 7th 2023 4:35pmSt Kilda SaintsVBrisbane LionsMarvel StadiumSunday May 14th 2023 4:35pmWestern BulldogsVHawthorn HawksMarvel Stadium
Sunday May 7th 2023 6:35pmMelbourne DemonsVFremantle DockersMCGSunday May 14th 2023 6:35pmCanberra CapitalsVCairns TropicsManuka Oval
Thursday May 18th 2023 7:50pmNorthern CrocodilesVRichmond TigersTIO Traeger ParkThursday May 25th 2023 7:50pmBrisbane LionsVHawthorn HawksGabba
Friday May 19th 2023 5:30pmEssendon BombersVWestern BulldogsMarvel StadiumFriday May 26th 2023 5:30pmGWS GiantsVWest Coast EaglesGiants Stadium
Friday May 19th 2023 7:50pmMelbourne DemonsVCanberra CapitalsMCGFriday May 26th 2023 7:50pmAdelaide CrowsVNorth Melbourne KangaroosAdelaide Oval
Saturday May 20th 2023 1:45pmNewcastle DolphinsVTasmania DevilsMcDonald Jones StadiumSaturday May 27th 2023 1:45pmGeelong CatsVCairns TropicsGMHBA Stadium
Saturday May 20th 2023 2:30pmSt Kilda SaintsVAdelaide CrowsMarvel StadiumSaturday May 27th 2023 2:30pmNorthern CrocodilesVSt Kilda SaintsTIO Stadium
Saturday May 20th 2023 4:35pmWest Coast EaglesVBrisbane LionsOptus StadiumSaturday May 27th 2023 4:35pmRichmond TigersVNewcastle DolphinsMCG
Saturday May 20th 2023 7:30pmHawthorn HawksVPort Adelaide PowerMCGSaturday May 27th 2023 7:30pmPort Adelaide PowerVEssendon BombersAdelaide Oval
Saturday May 20th 2023 7:50pmCairns TropicsVGold Coast SunsCazaly's StadiumSaturday May 27th 2023 7:50pmCanberra CapitalsVFremantle DockersManuka Oval
Sunday May 21st 2023 1:10pmFremantle DockersVSydney SwansOptus StadiumSunday May 28th 2023 1:10pmGold Coast SunsVMelbourne DemonsMetricon Stadium
Sunday May 21st 2023 3:20pmCollingwood MagpiesVGeelong CatsVictoria ParkSunday May 28th 2023 3:20pmSydney SwansVBallarat MinersSCG
Sunday May 21st 2023 4:35pmBallarat MinersVCarlton BluesMars StadiumSunday May 28th 2023 4:35pmWestern BulldogsVCarlton BluesMarvel Stadium
Sunday May 21st 2023 6:35pmNorth Melbourne KangaroosVGWS GiantsMarvel StadiumSunday May 28th 2023 6:35pmTasmania DevilsVCollingwood MagpiesUTAS Stadium
Thursday June 1st 2023 7:50pmBallarat MinersVWestern BulldogsSCGThursday June 8th 2023 7:50pmRichmond TigersVCairns TropicsMCG
Friday June 2nd 2023 5:30pmCarlton BluesVPort Adelaide PowerGiants StadiumFriday June 9th 2023 5:30pmGWS GiantsVEssendon BombersGiants Stadium
Friday June 2nd 2023 7:50pmNewcastle DolphinsVSt Kilda SaintsAccor StadiumFriday June 9th 2023 7:50pmGold Coast SunsVGold Coast SunsMetricon Stadium
Saturday June 3rd 2023 1:45pmNorth Melbourne KangaroosVNorthern CrocodilesGiants StadiumSaturday June 10th 2023 1:45pmGeelong CatsVFremantle DockersGMHBA Stadium
Saturday June 3rd 2023 2:30pmFremantle DockersVGold Coast SunsAccor StadiumSaturday June 10th 2023 2:30pmNewcastle DolphinsVNorth Melbourne KangaroosMcDonald Jones Stadium
Saturday June 3rd 2023 4:35pmSydney SwansVCanberra CapitalsSCGSaturday June 10th 2023 4:35pmAdelaide CrowsVHawthorn HawksAdelaide Oval
Saturday June 3rd 2023 7:30pmCollingwood MagpiesVRichmond TigersAccor StadiumSaturday June 10th 2023 7:30pmCanberra CapitalsVBallarat MinersManuka Oval
Saturday June 3rd 2023 7:50pmCairns TropicsVTasmania DevilsGiants StadiumSaturday June 10th 2023 7:50pmTasmania DevilsVMelbourne DemonsUTAS Stadium
Sunday June 4th 2023 1:10pmEssendon BombersVBrisbane LionsSCGSunday June 11th 2023 1:10pmBrisbane LionsVCarlton BluesGabba
Sunday June 4th 2023 3:20pmHawthorn HawksVGWS GiantsGiants StadiumSunday June 11th 2023 3:20pmNorthern CrocodilesVWest Coast EaglesTIO Traeger Park
Sunday June 4th 2023 4:35pmWest Coast EaglesVAdelaide CrowsAccor StadiumSunday June 11th 2023 4:35pmPort Adelaide PowerVWestern BulldogsAdelaide Oval
Sunday June 4th 2023 6:35pmMelbourne DemonsVGeelong CatsSCGMonday June 12th 2023 3:30pmSt Kilda SaintsVCollingwood MagpiesMCG
Thursday June 15th 2023 7:50pmCollingwood MagpiesVNorth Melbourne KangaroosMCGThursday June 22nd 2023 7:50pmNorth Melbourne KangaroosVCairns TropicsMarvel Stadium
Friday June 16th 2023 5:30pmWestern BulldogsVBrisbane LionsMarvel StadiumFriday June 23rd 2023 5:30pmRichmond TigersVFremantle DockersMarvel Stadium
Friday June 16th 2023 7:50pmFremantle DockersVTasmania DevilsOptus StadiumFriday June 23rd 2023 7:50pmCollingwood MagpiesVWest Coast EaglesMCG
Saturday June 17th 2023 1:45pmCanberra CapitalsVGold Coast SunsManuka OvalSaturday June 24th 2023 1:45pmNorthern CrocodilesVEssendon BombersTIO Stadium
Saturday June 17th 2023 2:30pmSydney SwansVGeelong CatsSCGSaturday June 24th 2023 2:30pmNewcastle DolphinsVHawthorn HawksMcDonald Jones Stadium
Saturday June 17th 2023 4:35pmCairns TropicsVSt Kilda SaintsCazaly's StadiumSaturday June 24th 2023 4:35pmGold Coast SunsVBallarat MinersMetricon Stadium
Saturday June 17th 2023 7:30pmCarlton BluesVGWS GiantsMCGSaturday June 24th 2023 7:30pmGWS GiantsVWestern BuldogsGiants Stadium
Saturday June 17th 2023 7:50pmWest Coast EaglesVNewcastle DolphinsOptus StadiumSaturday June 24th 2023 7:50pmGeelong CatsVCanberra CapitalsGMHBA Stadium
Sunday June 18th 2023 1:10pmMelbourne DemonsVRichmond TigersMCGSunday June 25th 2023 1:10pmTasmania DevilsVSydney SwansWellington Regional Stadium
Sunday June 18th 2023 3:20pmEssendon BombersVAdelaide CrowsMarvel StadiumSunday June 25th 2023 3:20pmAdelaide CrowsVCarlton BluesAdelaide Oval
Sunday June 18th 2023 4:35pmBallarat MinersVPort Adelaide PowerMars StadiumSunday June 25th 2023 4:35pmSt Kilda SaintsVMelbourne DemonsWellington Regional Stadium
Sunday June 18th 2023 6:35pmHawthorn HawksVNorthern CrocodilesMCGSunday June 25th 2023 6:35pmBrisbane LionsVPort Adelaide PowerGabba
Thursday June 29th 2023 7:50pmCanberra CapitalsVTasmania DevilsManuka OvalThursday July 6th 2023 7:50pmRichmond TigersVCanberra CapitalsMCG
Friday June 30th 2023 5:30pmMelbourne DemonsVNorth Melbourne KangaroosMCGFriday July 7th 2023 5:30pmNewcastle DolphinsVCarlton BluesMcDonald Jones Stadium
Friday June 30th 2023 7:50pmBallarat MinersVBrisbane LionsMars StadiumFriday July 7th 2023 7:50pmNorth Melbourne KangaroosVFremantle DockersMarvel Stadium
Saturday July 1st 2023 1:45pmFremantle DockersVSt Kilda SaintsOptus StadiumSaturday July 8th 2023 1:45pmWest Coast EaglesVMelbourne DemonsOptus Stadium
Saturday July 1st 2023 2:30pmCarlton BluesVNorthern CrocodilesMCGSaturday July 8th 2023 2:30pmAdelaide CrowsVPort Adelaide PowerAdelaide Oval
Saturday July 1st 2023 4:35pmEssendon BombersVNewcastle DolphinsMarvel StadiumSaturday July 8th 2023 4:35pmGeelong CatsVBallarat MinersGMHBA Stadium
Saturday July 1st 2023 7:30pmWestern BulldogsVAdelaide CrowsMarvel StadiumSaturday July 8th 2023 7:30pmNorthern CrocodilesVWestern BulldogsTIO Traeger Park
Saturday July 1st 2023 7:50pmGold Coast SunsVGeelong CatsMetricon StadiumSaturday July 8th 2023 7:50pmCollingwood MagpiesVEssendon BombersMCG
Sunday July 2nd 2023 1:10pmSydney SwansVRichmond TigersSCGSunday July 9th 2023 1:10pmTasmania DevilsVGold Coast SunsBlundstone Arena
Sunday July 2nd 2023 3:20pmCairns TropicsVWest Coast EaglesCazaly's StadiumSunday July 9th 2023 3:20pmCairns TropicsVHawthorn HawksRiverway Stadium
Sunday July 2nd 2023 4:35pmPort Adelaide PowerVGWS GiantsAdelaide OvalSunday July 9th 2023 4:35pmGWS GiantsVBrisbane LionsGiants Stadium
Sunday July 2nd 2023 6:35pmHawthorn HawksVCollingwood MagpiesMCGSunday July 9th 2023 6:35pmSt Kilda SaintsVSydney SwansMarvel Stadium
Thursday July 13th 2023 7:50pmBallarat MinersVGWS GiantsMars StadiumThursday July 20th 2023 7:50pmHawthorn HawksVFremantle DockersMCG
Friday July 14th 2023 5:30pmGeelong CatsVTasmania DevilsGMHBA StadiumFriday July 21st 2023 5:30pmCollingwood MagpiesVWestern BulldogsMCG
Friday July 14th 2023 7:50pmSydney SwansVNorth Melbourne KangaroosSCGFriday July 21st 2023 7:50pmWest Coast EaglesVSydney SwansOptus Stadium
Saturday July 15th 2023 1:45pmEssendon BombersVCairns TropicsMarvel StadiumSaturday July 22nd 2023 11:00amNorth Melbourne KangaroosVCanberra CapitalsBroward County Stadium
Saturday July 15th 2023 2:30pmMelbourne DemonsVHawthorn HawksMCGSaturday July 22nd 2023 2:30pmNewcastle DolphinsVPort Adelaide PowerMcDonald Jones Stadium
Saturday July 15th 2023 4:35pmGold Coast SunsVRichmond TigersMetricon StadiumSaturday July 22nd 2023 4:35pmAdelaide CrowsVGWS GiantsAdelaide Oval
Saturday July 15th 2023 7:30pmWestern BulldogsVNewcastle DolphinsMarvel StadiumSaturday July 22nd 2023 7:30pmRichmond TigersVGeelong CatsMarvel Stadium
Saturday July 15th 2023 7:50pmCanberra CapitalsVSt Kilda SaintsManuka OvalSaturday July 22nd 2023 7:50pmMelbourne DemonsVEssendon BombersMCG
Sunday July 16th 2023 1:10pmPort Adelaide PowerVNorthern CrocodilesAdelaide OvalSunday July 23rd 2023 11:00amCairns TropicsVCarlton BluesBroward County Stadium
Sunday July 16th 2023 3:20pmBrisbane LionsVAdelaide CrowsGabbaSunday July 23rd 2023 2:20pmSt Kilda SaintsVGold Coast SunsMarvel Stadium
Sunday July 16th 2023 4:35pmCarlton BluesVCollingwood MagpiesMCGSunday July 23rd 2023 4:35pmTasmania DevilsVBallarat MinersUTAS Stadium
Sunday July 16th 2023 6:35pmFremantle DockersVWest Coast EaglesOptus StadiumSunday July 23rd 2023 6:35pmNorthern CrocodilesVBrisbane LionsTIO Stadium
Thursday July 27th 2023 7:50pmBallarat MinersVAdelaide CrowsMars StadiumThursday August 3rd 2023 7:50pmCollingwood MagpiesVBrisbane LionsMCG
Friday July 28th 2023 5:30pmWestern BulldogsVCairns TropicsMarvel StadiumFriday August 4th 2023 5:30pmRichmond TigersVBallarat MinersMCG
Friday July 28th 2023 7:50pmFremantle DockersVEssendon BombersOptus StadiumFriday August 4th 2023 7:50pmSt Kilda SaintsVTasmania DevilsMarvel Stadium
Saturday July 29th 2023 1:45pmSydney SwansVHawthorn HawksSCGSaturday August 5th 2023 1:45pmMelbourne DemonsVWestern BulldogsMCG
Saturday July 29th 2023 2:30pmGeelong CatsVSt Kilda SaintsGMHBA StadiumSaturday August 5th 2023 2:30pmWest Coast EaglesVGold Coast SunsOptus Stadium
Saturday July 29th 2023 4:35pmPort Adelaide PowerVCollingwood MagpiesAdelaide OvalSaturday August 5th 2023 4:35pmNorthern CrocodilesVAdelaide CrowsTIO Stadium
Saturday July 29th 2023 7:30pmCanberra CapitalsVWest Coast EaglesManuka OvalSaturday August 5th 2023 7:30pmCairns TropicsVPort Adelaide PowerRiverway Stadium
Saturday July 29th 2023 7:50pmGWS GiantsVNorthern CrocodilesGiants StadiumSaturday August 5th 2023 7:50pmEssendon BombersVSydney SwansMarvel Stadium
Sunday July 30th 2023 1:10pmTasmania DevilsVRichmond TigersBlundstone ArenaSunday August 6th 2023 1:10pmHawthorn HawksVCanberra CapitalsMCG
Sunday July 30th 2023 3:20pmBrisbane LionsVNewcastle DolphinsGabbaSunday August 6th 2023 3:20pmNorth Melbourne KangaroosVGeelong CatsMarvel Stadium
Sunday July 30th 2023 4:35pmGold Coast SunsVNorth Melbourne KangaroosMetricon StadiumSunday August 6th 2023 4:35pmNewcastle DolphinsVGWS GiantsMcDonald Jones Stadium
Sunday July 30th 2023 6:35pmCarlton BluesVMelbourne DemonsMCGSunday August 6th 2023 6:35pmFremantle DockersVCarlton BluesOptus Stadium
Thursday August 10th 2023 7:50pmSydney SwansVCarlton BluesSCGThursday August 17th 2023 7:50pmNewcastle DolphinsVGWS GiantsMcDonald Jones Stadium
Friday August 11th 2023 5:30pmCanberra CapitalsVEssendon BombersManuka OvalFriday August 18th 2023 5:30pmAdelaide CrowsVMelbourne DemonsAdelaide Oval
Friday August 11th 2023 7:50pmPort Adelaide PowerVMelbourne DemonsAdelaide OvalFriday August 18th 2023 7:50pmCairns TropicsVNorthern CrocodilesCazaly's Stadium
Saturday August 12th 2023 1:45pmBrisbane LionsVCairns TropicsGabbaSaturday August 19th 2023 1:45pmSt. Kilda SaintsVCollingwood MagpiesMarvel Stadium
Saturday August 12th 2023 2:30pmGeelong CatsVWest Coast EaglesGMHBA StadiumSaturday August 19th 2023 2:30pmCanberra CapitalsVSydney SwansManuka Oval
Saturday August 12th 2023 4:35pmBallarat MinersVNorthern CrocodilesMars StadiumSaturday August 19th 2023 4:35pmCarlton BluesVBrisbane LionsMCG
Saturday August 12th 2023 7:30pmRichmond TigersVSt Kilda SaintsMCGSaturday August 19th 2023 7:30pmWestern BulldogsVGeelong CatsMarvel Stadium
Saturday August 12th 2023 7:50pmGWS GiantsVCollingwood MagpiesGiants StadiumSaturday August 19th 2023 7:50pmPort Adelaide PowerVHawthorn HawksAdelaide Oval
Sunday August 13th 2023 1:10pmTasmania DevilsVNorth Melbourne KangaroosBlundstone ArenaSunday August 20th 2023 1:10pmRichmond TigersVFremantle DockersMCG
Sunday August 13th 2023 3:20pmAdelaide CrowsVNewcastle DolphinsAdelaide OvalSunday August 20th 2023 3:20pmNorth Melbourne KangaroosVEssendon BombersMarvel Stadium
Sunday August 13th 2023 4:35pmGold Coast SunsVHawthorn HawksMetricon StadiumSunday August 20th 2023 4:35pmBallarat MinersVGold CoastMars Stadium
Sunday August 13th 2023 6:35pmWestern BulldogsVFremantle DockersMarvel StadiumSunday August 20th 2023 6:35pmTasmania DevilsVWestern BulldogsUTAS Stadium
Finals Week 1 Wildcard
Thursday August 24th 2023 7:50pmAdelaide CrowsVBrisbane LionsAdelaide Oval
Friday September 1st 2023 7:50pm7thV10thTBAWildcard 1
Friday August 25th 2023 5:30pmWestern BulldogsVSt Kilda SaintsMarvel StadiumWildcard 2
Saturday September 2nd 2023 7:30pm8thV9thTBA
Friday August 25th 2023 7:50pmTasmania DevilsVCanberra CapitalsBlundstone Arena
Saturday August 26th 2023 1:45pmGWS GiantsVRichmond TigersGiants StadiumFinals Week 2 Qualifying
Saturday August 26th 2023 2:30pmCollingwood MagpiesVPort Adelaide PowerMCGFriday September 8th 2023 7:50pm2ndV3rdTBAQualifying 1
Saturday August 26th 2023 4:35pmGeelong CatsVFremantle DockersGMHBA StadiumSaturday September 9th 2023 7:30pm6thV7th/10thTBAElimination 1
Saturday August 26th 2023 7:30pmBallarat MinersVCairns TropicsMars StadiumSaturday September 9th 2023 4:35pm1stV2ndTBAQualifying 2
Saturday August 26th 2023 7:50pmSydney SwansVMelbourne DemonsSCGSunday September 10th 2023 3:20pm5thV8th/9thTBAElimination 2
Sunday August 27th 2023 1:10pmNewcastle DolphinsVGold Coast SunsMcDonald Jones Stadium
Sunday August 27th 2023 3:20pmHawthorn HawksVWest Coast EaglesMCGFinals Week 3 Semi
Sunday August 27th 2023 4:35pmCarlton BluesVNorth Melbourne KangaroosIkon ParkFriday September 15th 2023 7:50pmQ1 LVE1TBASemi 1
Sunday August 27th 2023 6:35pmEssendon BombersVNorthern CrocodilesMarvel StadiumSaturday September 17th 2023 7:30pmQ2 LVE2TBASemi 2
Finals Week 4 Preliminary
Preliminary 1
Friday September 22nd 2023 7:50pmQ1 WVS1TBA
Saturday September 23rd 2023 7:30pmQ2 WVS2TBAPreliminary 2
Finals Week 5 Grand Final
Saturday September 30th 2023 2:30pmP1VP2MCGGrand Final

Fixture at a glance:

Carlton play games at Ikon Park in round 2, 10, and 25

Collingwood play games at Victoria Park in rounds 4 and 11

Two London games in round 4 with Essendon playing Richmond and Fremantle playing Adelaide

Two Los Angeles games in round 10 with Port Adelaide playing West Coast and GWS playing St Kilda

Two Wellington games in round 16 with Tasmania playing Sydney and St Kilda playing Melbourne

Two Miami games in round 20 with North Melbourne hosting Canberra and Cairns hosting Carlton

Round 13's Magic Round to be played in Sydney with the SCG, Giants Stadium and Accor Stadium all hosting 4 games

Robertson Oval in Wagga Wagga will host GWS and Canberra in round 5

North Melbourne and Hawthorn play the 2023 Good Friday Game

Geelong and Port Adelaide play on Easter Monday

St Kilda and Western Bulldogs play on Anzac Day Eve

Essendon and Carlton play on Anzac Day

St Kilda and Collingwood play the Queen's Birthday Match

Northern Crocodiles play 4 home games in Alice Springs

Tasmania Devils play 7 home games in Hobart and 6 home games in Launceston

Cairns Tropics play 4 home games in Townsville

The finals will be five weeks long starting with the new Wildcard round and finishing on the last Saturday in September for a day Grand Final at the MCG
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