Game Day 2023 Round 23 - Crows v Swans - 7:40pm @ Adelaide

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Gates open: 4:00pm ACST
First bounce: 7:40pm AEST / 7:10pm ACST


B: B. Smith, J. Borlase, M. Keane
HB: M. Michalanney, J. Worrell, W. Milera
C: J. Soligo, J. Dawson - C, M. Hinge
HF: B. Keays, D. Fogarty, S. McAdam
F: L. Murphy, T. Walker, I. Rankine
FOLL: R. O’Brien, R. Laird, M. Crouch

I/C: R. Thilthorpe, H. Schoenberg, R. Sloane, J. Rachele
EMG: L. Nankervis, B. Cook, L. Gollant, L. Pedlar

IN: I. Rankine
OUT: L. Pedlar (Omitted), L. Nankervis (Omitted)


B: T. McCartin, D. Rampe - C, R. Fox
HB: N. Blakey, H. Cunningham, J. Lloyd
C: B. Campbell, J. Rowbottom, E. Gulden
HF: S. Wicks, H. McLean, T. Papley
F: W. Hayward, L. McDonald, I. Heeney
FOLL: T. Hickey, C. Mills, L. Parker

I/C: O. Florent, J. Buller, D. Stephens, Ch.Warner, A. Francis
EMG: R. Clarke, A. Francis, L. Melican, M. Roberts, W. Gould

IN: D. Rampe, B. Campbell, J. Buller
OUT: A. Francis (Omitted), M. Roberts (Omitted), J. Amartey (Injured), R. Clarke (Sub)

Happy :100: Nick

Match Centre:

Chris Donlon (1), Justin Power (4), Leigh Haussen (5), Brett Rosebury (8)​

Team Stats:

2023 round 23 team stats.jpg

Recent Matches at Adelaide Oval
DateVenueHome v Away TeamsResultHigh DisposalsHigh Goals
Round 1, 21 Mar 2020Adelaide OvalAdelaide defeated by Sydney71-74L. Parker 30I. Heeney 4
Round 22, 18 Aug 2017Adelaide OvalAdelaide defeated by Sydney80-83R. Laird 34
M. Crouch 34
M. McGovern 4
Round 4, 16 Apr 2016Adelaide OvalAdelaide defeats Sydney113-103D. Hannebery 38L. Franklin 4
I. Heeney 4
E. Betts 4
Round 3, 5 Apr 2014Adelaide OvalAdelaide defeated by Sydney71-134J. Kennedy 28L. Franklin 4
L. Parker 4

In 2020, Heeney was BOG, Taylor Walker's shot to win the game missed ;)
Heeney 2020 Adelaide.jpg

#AFLSwansSaints #ProudlySydney #GoBloods #GoSwans #Bloods

Sydney has surged from being in the bottom four being a chance for the finals in the last five weeks.
Let's keep it up, boys.

Bloods by 15 points
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Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 12, 2013
Between the Bridges
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Crows at home are a difficult proposition but the Giants won there a month ago giving hope. They weren't convincing against the Suns at times two weeks ago.

Our form in the last two months has been solid so we can pinch this one.

Swans by 6.
I like the way we matchup with Crows, so much more pressure on them, loss ends it, at home, hot favourites…if we keep it tight on the scoreboard and keep the crowd restless, umpires aside, we can get over the top of them. Quietly confident with this one.

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The age / experience spread across each team is interesting.

If we lose this, nobody better use the “we’re a young team” excuse!
Not sure that has been trotted out too much this year….experience is building….injuries more than young this season, and rightly so. The difference we are seeing with a more settled nearly full strength team is chalk and cheese.
Jul 5, 2012
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Kidding, right?
I've barely seen the Crows this year so can't comment on them, but I think we are playing really good footy of late. There are glaring weak points in our game but what's really heartening is that as a team we are finding enough of our strengths to create ways around those weaknesses. Things are really starting to click and I am pretty confident we'll get this one.
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