Player Watch #29: Patrick Ambrose

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Dec 14, 2015
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29 - [PLAYERCARD]Patrick Ambrose[/PLAYERCARD].jpg

Contract Status: Restricted Free Agent 2021
Last Game Played: Elimination Final 2019

Injury Status: Got through a full game in the VFL! - 20/4
Will play full game time in the VFL this week - 13/4
Will finally play some footy in the VFL after a long lay-off - 6/4
Integrating into some footy next week, 3-4 week build up - 23/3
Slow progress on the lisfranc injury from last June - 9/2
Progressing well with the lisfranc injury - 25/8
Out of the moonboot in about a week - 4/8
Joined the hub in Queensland - 17/7
Lisfranc injury during scratch match, moonboot, scans - 30/6
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May 24, 2007
In the guts
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Liverpool FC, Melbourne Storm
Screen Shot 2021-03-15 at 19.22.08.png

Height: 194-195 cm
Weight: 88kg
D/O/B: 1/9/1991
Position: Tall forward
Recruited From: Essendon VFL - Coburg Tigers/Old Xaverians

Key Strengths:
  • Great size for a forward
  • Elite endurance
  • Huge burst of speed
  • Definitely lifts
  • Inconsistent
I really don't know much about this guy at all.

Yoda_, Jack Package, any thoughts?
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Sep 2, 2004
Napier St
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Played with the Essendon VFL team. From what I saw a good contested grab. Possibly a Crameri type.

VFL profile:

Height: 191cm
Weight: 88kg
Date of birth: 1.09.1991
Recruited from: Coburg Tigers (VFL) / Old Xaverians

Patrick played last year with Old Xaverians in the Victorian Amateur Football Association. Pat finished 2nd in their Best and Fairest in a side that was narrowly defeated in the grand final by Collegians. Pat is a great size and has an enormous engine.

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May 5, 2009
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Reading the bits posted here he really is a ideal key forward project player. Good size and great athleticism by the sounds of it. With the ability play tall and seemingly "small" or at least up the ground he could be a real point of difference and quickly find himself playing.

Suppose we'll just wait and see how it goes and whether his qualities translate to AFL footy.

Howard Moon

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Dec 14, 2008
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i get more excited about the rookie draft these days over the national draft.

in the ND most if not all are expected picks and can play ...but in the psd you really get clubs using their scouting skills trying to find rough diamonds.

we have a great strike rate in this area, go son! cram-who?


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Sep 28, 2007
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Don't really know what to think with this one.

My head says that if he had the upside I want to imagine he has, then he would have been picked up by now, so i guess expectations aren't too high.

Makes it even better when he bursts onto the scene and becomes a regular at CHF.

Oh Tayteridge

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Oct 8, 2009
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He's about 2 inches taller than Crameri, not sure why he's been listen at 191 because he's absolutely massive. Closer to 194 I'd say. Huge tank, very very strong, not the best foot skills but he's definitely an athlete and has a lot of potential. Also very aggressive, probably couldn't ask for more in terms of attitude and mentality or aerobic base for a big man.

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